Fighting Fraudulent Internship Experiences: Our Thoughts

Dear Students,

We’ve got information that some law firms are encouraging interns to write positive internship experiences for them in exchange for healthier stipends (and other goodies).

This is a serious issue and here are some pointers on that:

We do not publish internship experiences which look ‘advertorial’ (too good to be true) on the face of it.

But sometimes there might be cases where a ‘very positive’ (not too good to be true, but still, just not true) internship experience is published. Firstly, the very nature of any ‘experience’ is that it’s subjective. X might love the same thing that Y hates. Hence, it’s difficult to separate truth from falsehood (except in rare cases as mentioned in point 1). Secondly, this is a problem faced by all review sites (including the likes of TripAdvisor and Zomato). ‘Influenced’ reviews (both negative and positive) do creep in.Thirdly, the way to fight this is to publish multiple internship experiences of the same organisation. When you have multiple experiences to read and judge from, that reduces the subjectivity. It then becomes more like a ‘survey’ and less of a ‘mere opinion’.

Note: Please do share your internship experience as mentioned here:

However, most importantly, please do realize that Lawctopus is your platform. You make Lawctopus (whatever it is). The onus is on you not to mislead your own community. Misleading 2000 of your friends for an extra 2000 bucks is not worth it.

Please do tell us about any such lawyer/law firm/organisation by emailing us at [email protected] with the subject line ‘Fraud internship experience’.

We promise you that we’ll take action against these firms.

PS- On a slightly different note, at least 2 fraudulent law journals are in the process of being blacklisted. The names of the journals and the editors running them will be published soon. We have enough evidence against them (which too will be published).

PPS- In case you have any suggestions, please do let us know in a comment below.

Do share in public (and your own) interest.


This post was first published on: 15 Dec 2017

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