Why Pursue Law from Department of Law, Prestige Institute of Management and Research, Indore?


About PIMR Department of Law

Being autonomous, the Department of Law (DoL) offers an innovative curriculum that not only imparts legal knowledge but also provides an opportunity for students to acquire practical legal skills as per the industry’s needs. The curriculum is designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Apart from the regular classroom teaching, the pedagogy offered focuses on transmitting practical aspects of legal knowledge through Moot Court Classes, Case Writing, Research Paper Writing, Judgment Analysis, Live Trials, Student Clubs, and Guest Lectures.

For developing critical legal thinking among students, the Department offers certificate courses to students from reputed platforms to facilitate learning from experts in the field. Experiential learning is integrated with our modules through Seminars, Workshops, Panel Discussions, Court Visits, and Legal Aid Clinic.

The Department of Law follows a Choice-Based Credit System by offering a basket of electives subjects like Medical Jurisprudence, Competition Law, Cyber Law, ports Laws, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, and Drone Laws. Students according to their interests can opt for the courses during their tenure to facilitate their legal knowledge.

To facilitate academic delivery, faculty members at DoL are encouraged and have published their research papers in various reputed UGC-CARE and peer-reviewed International and National journals like Scopus, International Journal of Scientific Research, Journal of Interdisciplinary Cycle Research, etc. to blend the teaching-learning process.

To help the students develop an appropriate work-life balance, the department encourages the student to participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities like Moot Court Competition, Model United nation, Pre- Trial Advocacy, Mediation Competition, Client Counselling, etc. To its credit, the institute organizes its flagship Moot Court Competition, Model United Nation Competition, and Mediation Competition.

At PIMR DoL holding special lectures from eminent personalities are an integral part of the institute. Corporate heads from the field of law and academia, alums at different organizations, successful lawyers, and judges share their valuable insights from their rich experience about contemporary legal issues, challenges, and their way of dealing with them. These interactions help students in understanding the practical perspectives from the experienced players in the field of law and associate those problems in different other dimensions to handle modern challenges.

In a short span since its inception DoL, PIMR has made its presence felt in various reputed corporate sectors, law firms, NGOs, and allied legal fields. This has been possible due to mandatory internships of students, which they have to undergo, after completion of every semester.

The Internship and Placement Cell of the Department has been successful in providing internships to more than 700+ students at reputed law firms like JMVD Legal, Quizlex, DMG India Law Offices LLP at Delhi and Kolkata, Human Rights Law Network, Advocate Ranbir Singh Sharan, India Shelter, VSPR Delhi, Atharva Legal Law firm, etc.

Their students based on their internship performance have also secured pre-placement offers from some of the reputed organizations with the highest package being 5 LPA.

PIMR Department of Law is focused on producing world-class litigation specialists, corporate lawyers, policymakers, mediation, and arbitration experts by providing quality education in the field of Law.

Prestige Institute of Management and Research, Indore

Why Pursue Law from DoL?

Prestige Institute of Management and Research, Indore has been a pioneer institute in higher education for the past 27 years and since its inception, the institute has twice been accredited Grade ‘A’. In the year 2015, a separate law wing—Department of Law was established at PIMR as a premier law school with the vision of creating socially responsible future leaders through globalized legal education.

PIMR Department of Law—an Autonomous Law Department, is affiliated to Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidhyalaya, Indore, and is approved by the Bar Council of India.

How is B.Com LL.B. Different from other Law Specializations?

Pursuing a degree in law is all about completing one’s traditional LL.B. degree but an integrated degree has a modern approach. An integrated law degree allows a student to pursue a combination of two courses under one law program. One such integrated program is B.Com LL.B. that combines a Bachelor of Commerce with a Bachelor of Law degree. The program is considered apt for candidates who have an interest in both legal and corporate studies.

But do you really know who should pursue an integrated degree in B.Com LL.B.? Let’s understand the scopes of BA LL.B., BBA LL.B., and B.Com LL.B. to empower you to make an informed decision.

Scope of BA LL.B.

BA LL.B. stands for Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Studies. The course structure of BA LL.B. includes subjects related to both arts and law along with an understanding of how both the streams are congruous with each other.

Students pursuing a degree in BA LL.B. can seek career opportunities in the administrative, judiciary, and sub-judicial works via government exams such as UPSC and PSC or can also take up litigation practice with law firms. Also, those who want to make a career as a practicing lawyer should pursue BA LL.B.

The Indian law academia sees BA LL.B. as a program that helps in developing a humanitarian perspective while developing an understanding of the law.

Scope of BBA LL.B.

In the last 2 decades with the emergence of business management as an academic discipline, Bachelor of Business Administration came up strong as a quintessential graduation program. With the changing dynamics, the need for an integrated LLB program with Bachelor of Legislative Law also arose.

BBA LL.B. is a program considered
as best for those who wish to pursue law as well as management with a future in handling corporate cases. Major subjects under this course are a mix of economics, business management, and legal studies such as marketing, finance, operations, statistics, etc.

Pursuing a degree in BBA LL.B. opens career opportunities in big corporations. It fulfills the mid-managerial ranking needs of people who want to build their careers typically in corporations while serving the legal function.

What sets apart the scope of B.Com LL.B.

Commerce as a discipline is about accountancy, finances, and taxation. Big Corporates look for specific skills making their searches for a superspecialist individual who has expertise in a particular legal niche. Here, specializations such as B.Com LL.B. lays out their intrinsic value.

When in organizations a complicated litigation situation arises or there is a compliance-based requirement, a lawyer with a specialization of B.Com LL.B. serves as the bridge between the CAs, ICWAs, and Company Secretaries. Also, B.Com LL.B. graduates have an edge over their peers when it comes to tax and insolvency and bankruptcy tribunals.

Former Solicitor General of India and current Senior Advocate at the Supreme Court of India, Harish Salve is one of the top and most expensive lawyers of India. He started as a practicing CA but later, turned into a practicing lawyer making him a super-specialist. B.Com LL.B. may be in minority in India but this integrated academic program is highly sought after.


The difference in all the 3 courses lies in their curriculum. Finance is at the core of B.Com LL.B. whereas humanitarian subjects being the fundamental of BA LL.B. While for administrative jobs BA LL.B. graduates are preferred, there is a world of opportunities with compliance and litigation-oriented corporate cases waiting for the ones who want to pursue B.Com LL.B.


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