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The Preamble of the Indian Constitution is part of the ‘basic structure’ as decided in the case of Keshvananda Bharti. In many competitive exams, especially judiciary, 1-2 questions come from it.

That is why we have dedicated an entire article to the Preamble.

Let’s begin!

What is Preamble?

It is a summary that contains the essence of our Indian Constitution. According to Nani Palkivala, an eminent lawyer, jurist, and author, the Preamble is the “Identity card of the Constitution.”

It is based on the “Objective Resolution” drafted and moved by our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

The Preamble has been amended only one time via the 42nd Amendment and added the words Secular, Socialist, and Integrity.


Important Keywords from the Preamble 

The Preamble contains the following keywords:

S.No. Words
1 Sovereign
2 Socialist
3 Secular
4 Democratic
5 Republic
6 Justice (Social, Economical, and Political)
7 Liberty of Thoughts, beliefs, Expressions, Faith, and Worship
8 Equality
9 Fraternity

The word ‘justice’ has been taken from Russian Resolution. Whereas, the idea of liberty equality, and fraternity is inspired by the French Resolution.

Is Preamble Part of the Indian Constitution?

The first time this question came up before the judges in the Berubari Union Case (1960). The Court decided that the Preamble is not a part of the Indian Constitution.

However, the decision was later reversed in the case of Keshvananda Barti v. State of Kerala in 1973. The 13 judges bench decided that the Preamble is part of the Indian Constitution because it contains the basic features of the Constitution.

In Keshvananda Bharti, it was also said that the basic elements or the fundamental features contained in the Preamble can’t be altered by an amendment under Article 368.

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