POKE: Bar Council of India’s Website Shows Outdated, Misleading Results on NLUs

According to the Bar Council of India’s webpage HERE:

1. Prof. MP Singh is still the VC of NUJS

Prof. Ishwara Bhatt is the VC of NUJS since Nov-Dec 2011. See HERE.

2. Prof. Veer Singh is still the VC of NALSAR

Faisan Mustafa is the VC of NALSAR since March-April 2012. See HERE.

There are more errors, of course, but then this poke will become a punch! And we don’t want to get into a fight with the BCI over this issue.

Am sure we all agree that we expect better and more timely updates from a body which controls the legal education in India and is responsible for effective dissemination of information on law schools and the like.

Our POKEs will be short poky write-ups on such issues!

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