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Internship Experience @ Office of Pinky Anand, Delhi: Less Work, Strict Timings, No Stipend

By: Aprajita Karki | March 13, 2019



Organisation and Location:

Office of Ms. Pinky Anand, Additional Solicitor General of India.

The office is located at A-126, second floor, Neeti Bagh, New Delhi (Nearest Metro station- Green Park).

Application Formalities:

I had applied 4-5 months in advance via an email addressed to internshipasgofficepa[at]gmail.com and I received a confirmation a week before the start of the internship.

There were, however, interns who had applied only a month prior to their internship, but they nevertheless got confirmation too.

Just apply well in advance.

Office Infrastructure:

The office is not very grand but it does have a good library. Considering the number of people working under pinky ma’am, I’d say the office is not very spacious as it sometimes gets crowded.

The “interns room” which is practically a small ‘Pantry’ cannot accommodate more than 4 interns at a time, luckily the interns can always move to the “Conference Room”, which again is not spacious.

The office falls short on some basic amenities like a kitchen/microwave, a hygienic washroom (do carry a sanitizer).


The duration of the internship was of 4 weeks, one can also get his/her internship extended. They usually hire 10-12 interns every month. The office timings are pretty flexible.

On weekdays, interns are supposed to report to court at 10-10:15 a.m. after which they are supposed to leave for office at 4 pm (when the court’s discharge) and leave office by 8:30-9 pm if there is no work, one can always inform and leave early.

On weekends, which are apparently working (Sundays too), the timings are from 11 am – 9 pm, however, the associates start arriving only after 2 pm so don’t bother arriving so early.

Leaves, early departures from office or skipping courts/half-days are fairly easy to get, just inform them in advance.

First-day Impression:

The first day like many other days at this internship was unproductive. We were asked to report at 11 am, which was a bit surprising since it was a weekday and everyone would be at the court.

Anyhow, I reached at 11 am and as I expected there was no one in the office. The associates started coming in at around 4 pm after which we had the usual introductory phase.

We were all given some minor research work after which we were asked to leave by 6 pm as there was no more work.

Main Tasks:

There are 7 associates under Pinky ma’am and you can be given work from anyone, don’t expect to be assigned to any particular associate. Yes, if you deliver good work then the associate might just delegate a lot his/her work to you, so don’t be overzealous.

You will be majorly engaged with civil matters, however, Raju Sir (Ma’am’s Husband), who also assigns work to interns has interesting criminal matters, so if you have an interest in criminal litigation then feel free to approach him (mind you, his research work is very challenging).

Like any other internship, interns are usually given research. Apart from research work you can be asked to draft legal opinions, make case/judgment notes, list of dates or work on Pinky ma’am’s book etc. You can also be given clerical work like taking out printouts, typing.

Once in a blue moon, you might be handed case files and asked to make case note and brief the associates on the same. Drafting work again is rare.

Good/ Bad things:

Pardon me if I am being a nit-picker, but this internship was not a very positive experience for me. Maybe I had high expectations from this internship, is the office of the ASG or maybe there wasn’t much work in the month I interned in.

The thing I did not like at all about this internship was the strictness towards the office timings, we were made to sit in the office till 8 in the evening even when there was no work!

Being called at 11 in the morning even when all the associates would report to the office post lunch. We had to report to the Supreme Court even on Miscellaneous days.

There was no provision in the office to make coffee.

Last and not least, while I was interning, the washroom in the office was missing the necessities like handwash, toilet paper.


No stipend.


Note: Internship experiences are shared by individual law students. Opinions expressed are of the author and not of Lawctopus.


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