PG in New Delhi (South Ex 1) | Girls | 11,000/Month | No Food

Place: New Delhi

Address: N-21, Behind Vodafone Store, South Extension 1, New Delhi.

Name of the owner/phone: Sunny- 9953305353

Single or Sharing: The PG has a number of rooms, but all are sharing. A little too crowded, honestly, according to me. The rooms can be 2-5 seaters, according to availability of free space.

Boy’s/Girl’s: Girl’s

Amenities: The location is very good, 5-10 mins walk from Def Col Market, and the South Ex markets. Lots of eateries which deliver too. Also, there is Fridge, TV, AC (However there are fixed timings for the AC, if you need it on for more time, then extra charge). There is also an attached kitchen, where you can cook if you like. There is also a maid who does the cleaning. Washing Machine too.

Rent: 10k, however with added charges of TV and gas, it comes to 11k per month. This is excluding food, however there is a cook who comes to cook as long as you tell her what to cook. (She’s grumpy and annoying, though. Me and my friends in the end preferred to cook ourselves or order out).

Other things: There is a washing machine, and if you ask the help they will put the clothes in for you and also hang it to dry. Its pretty close from the main road and the bus stops are 5 min walking distance. Also get autos to go to AIIMS or Moolchand metro stations easily.

How was the owner: The owner was slimy. We took the PG because nobody else was giving us an advance booking, and we really didn’t have many options. However, he really didn’t interfere much in what we were doing, so I guess that was good.

The location was the best thing about the PG, everything so close by. The bad things were the small rooms, overpriced place and just, the overall feel. Somehow we managed a month. However, if location is your main preference, its pretty decent.

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