PG in Mumbai (Marine Lines) | Girls | 10,000/Month | No Food

Place: Mumbai

Address: Ruby Mansion, Barrack Road, Behind Metro Cinema, Marine Lines,Mumbai.

Name of the owner/phone: Dr. Dyselva (I don’t remember her full name) Ph. No. 9833366203

Single or Sharing: Sharing , Non-AC, Without Food. There are two flats on the third floor.

1st Flat – 3 rooms – 1 has double sharing, 1 has 4 girls in one room and similar for the third (I haven’t checked that room so not sure what sharing it is).

2nd Flat – 2 Rooms – each has 4 sharing. there is one separate bed at the entrance room, so it depends on the availability as to what you can get.

Boy’s/Girl’s: Girl’s

Amenities: It provides –

  • Bed
  • Mattress
  • Table
  • Cupboard (Half the size of usual Godrej)
  • Fridge
  • Gas stove
  • Water Purifier
  • Geyser
  • Mirror

Rent: 10,000 (refundable security) + (10,000+400 =Rent+Gas Charges).

Other things: Laundry is available nearby so you can give your clothes to maid and she will take and get back the clothes from laundry (How much does she charge for that, I have no clue).

Right outside the PG you get taxis and buses. Also, VT station and Marine Line station are nearby so commuting is not a problem. Since there is Bombay Hospital nearby and many restaurants too, it is a safe area even till late.

There are many restaurants nearby, so food is never a problem there. All the options are available till 10:30 or 11. Also, there is a Khau Gali nearby where you get variety of food. There are many ‘home delivery’ options too.

No curfew timings – Good part about it is that each girl has her own key (As in the PG aunty will give you the Key) so you can come and leave any time you want.

How was the owner: Owner is OK. Since she provides the seats mostly for a year, people who want it for a month stay have to keep their fingers cross that some girl at that point of time should have gone somewhere (which is generally the case).

But here is a slight problem with this, if you get a bed and that girl comes back you will need to change the bed (In fact, I had to shift to the other flat because all the girls were back in the existing flat).

Owner stays on the second floor. She is non-interfering as such but she will come and check some times. Generally Girls who are staying there for a year are co-operating, they might even give you their utensils sometime if you want to cook. In order to avoid any issues discuss and clarify all material things before taking it.

I would suggest that keep it as your last resort and go only if you don’t find any other place and you are in a desperate need of place to stay at, as this PG is not worth the rent.


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