PG in Mumbai (Marine Lines) | Girls | 8,500/Month | No Food

Place: Mumbai

Address: Marine Lines, Opposite Parsi Dairies, Sita Sadan, Mumbai.

Name of the owner/phone: Shaila Ma’am- 08097600840

Single or Sharing: All of the rooms are shared. There are a variety of rooms, AC-ed, non-AC-ed, with a minimum of two girls to a maximum of five girls in each room. Some rooms have bunk beds too, there can be upto seven girls in these rooms. The rooms lack space and are kind of crammed.

Boy’s/Girl’s: Girl’s

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Amenities: There is a common kitchen with a fridge for every three rooms (around 10-12 girls) and two common bathrooms with geysers, with a separate toilet. There is a TV in every room with cable connection. Though, as a place it might be a little old and space lacking, the location is kickass.

It is a stone’s throw from the Marine Lines station, hence extremely easy to travel to and fro from. It is also conveniently distanced from Fort area (takes around 30 rupees by cab, one way) where a lot of firms and the Bombay High Court is located. There are ample number of grocery stores close by.

Also beauty parlours. Kyani’s Is really close too, so you can have a nice breakfast there before work everyday. Also there is a place called Geeta Bhavan close by which can give a wholesome vegetarian meal and they deliver.

Rent: The rent varies from room to room. I stayed in an AC room which was 8000/-, now it has been increased to 8500/- with two months deposit which was returned at the end of the stay.

There is a kitchen so you can cook your own meal, and there are places close by which deliver too. However sharing the kitchen causes a little time crunch since some of the PG mates tend to sabotage it for increased hours.

Other things: There is a lady who comes to clean the room and she will do your laundry too for 200 rupees a month.

How was the owner: 

The owner was nice and very uninterfering. You can take night outs as and when you please. Just make sure that you should be back by ten thirty. Though the rooms were lacking in breathing space, it was doable for a month. Mostly because it is amazingly located.

One bad bit is that they don’t give receipts for the rent. So till I got my deposit refunded, I was a little scared. But generally, there is no problem like that, and the refund is returned duly.

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