PG in Delhi (Mayur Vihar) | Delhi | 5,000/ Per Month | No Food

Place: Delhi

Address: P/4, Mayur Vihar- Phase 1, New Delhi. Landmark: Hindustan Apartments.

Name of the owner/phone: Mrs. Seema Maheshwari- Contact address: 01122793303.

Single or Sharing: Three-sharing rooms, basically. However, there were two double-sharing rooms as well. The PG is basically the owner’s residence.

While they [a family of four] reside on the ground floor and two rooms on the first floor, the third room on the first floor, along with the second, the third and the fourth floor is usually occupied by students, throughout the year.

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Each floor can accommodate 6 girls. 3 in each room, with the exception of the fifth floor, which provides for double-sharing quota.

Boy’s/Girl’s: Girl’s


TV and Fridge could be accessed on the ground floor [It is the owner’s dining room and sort of a common room for others, almost!] Each room had air-conditioning availability. The location was perfect, considering the five-minute-walk distance to the metro, the five-minute-walk distance to the local market [where you can avail all sorts of eateries, regular amenities, and the like] and five-minute-walk distance to almost anything that you may need while your stay.

Each floor has a common washroom with geyser facility. Also, there is provision for Wi-fi, round the clock. You need to speak to her for the availability, though. The room on the fifth floor has a kitchen attached to it. She provides you with a gas-connection and all, if you require [Chargeable as per her discretion, though!]

The landlady shall provide you with bed-sheets and pillows. And even blankets, for winters. Only if you insist, she may fetch you a room-heater as well [again, for winters, ofcourse]

There’s an Aqua-guard on the ground floor where you can re-fill your bottles.

There’s a small terrace too, which can be enjoyed anytime you wish to relax.

Rent: 5000 [without food] However, there are umpteen restaurants or local ‘dabba’ system-hotels who could provide for door-to-door food services for like 50 bucks a day. Again, it majorly depends on your menu selection. Few places charge somewhere around 150-200 bucks per day, too.

Earlier, the landlady herself provided for 3 meals per day. However, due to large number of intakes throughout the year, the provision got done away with. But, she won’t mind getting you some hot coffee or tea when you return from your internship in some really cold, chilly Delhi night! The sweetest thing about this place could be the landlady herself.

Other Things: 

There are places which could provide for laundry and they have their own set of prices. You could very well avail the washing-machine at the PG itself.

The perks of the location:

1. Extreme proximity to the metro.

2. Numerous, numerous and numerous food joints. Each evening you could try one, for a month, and you’d be still left with ten more unexplored joints. There is a CCD located just a few walks away from the PG.

3. A number of book-stalls along the streets; you could grab any for a read!

4. It’s a pretty posh place; you have the Hindustan Apartments and the CGHS Apartments just a lane away. You have an High School right at the center of the Phase.

5. There are quite a few parks for recreation and all, if you need. Also, not to forget, there are two extremely beautiful temples situated right at the juncture beside the metro-station. Some peace and mental relaxation during weekends is not a bad idea, either!

6. For 1st year law-students or anyone wishing to work at an NGO, the best thing for them could be the location of ‘PUCL, National Office’; right ten steps away from the PG. It is situated inside the same lane as that of the PG. So, much better access!

7. Conveyance shall never be an issue. You get out of the lane and you find auto-rickshaws and rickshaws in plentiful numbers.

How was the Owner: 

Like I said, the landlady could be the sweetest experience while your stay. She makes sure to keep in touch with you after your stay and you would anytime want to re-visit her, on your next trip.

The only pain could be that you have to walk a LOT, upstairs, if you get a room somewhere around the fourth or fifth floor. The stairs are a bit steep and especially in winters, that could give you some tiny trouble. But its nothing compared to the truckload of perks that you avail, anyway!

Overall, its a very safe and hygienic place [the landlady cleans the entire house, five floors, all by herself!] with lots of perquisites in store. Happy stay!


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