Petition on Asks JGLS To Recognize Student Bill of Rights: Alleges Criminal Like Treatment

Here’s the petition reproduced verbatim:

For far too long, students of the Jindal Global Law School have been at the mercy of the administration which is dominated and controlled by a few individuals.

We have drafted a Bill of Rights and demand that the administration adhere to its provisions here.

The Bill protects our right to privacy. The Bill ensures that the principles of natural justice are adhered to in Disciplinary Committee proceedings.

The Bill protects our right to free speech and expression. The Bill ensures that contractual obligations that we entered into as naive 18 year old students are vitiated.

The Bill ensures that we as students can claim all the fundamental rights guaranteed under the Constitution of India.

We were born with these rights; and now we demand that they are no longer denied to us by the law school administration.

They have imposed fines worth thousands of rupees, continue to conduct raids on our rooms in addition to stifling free speech and expression on campus.

They suppress any individual, be it a faculty member or a student, who raises his or her voice against their arbitrariness.

They take unilateral decisions like banning non-vegetarian food without consulting the student body. They frisk us at the gate, they breathalyze us.

They fingerprint us! They treat us like common criminals who need to be under constant surveillance. No more. NO MORE.

The time has come to end the Raj once and for all. Sign the petition!


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