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Internship Experience @ People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), Delhi:One can work from home and submit the report once done




People’s Union for Civil Liberties, New Delhi

Application Process

Applied through email: [email protected]


23rd December, 2014 to 21st January, 2015

First Day

PUCL, Delhi office is located in a remote location causing difficulty in finding the office.

It’s a rented place with a room and a kitchen along with a washroom.

On the very first day I was asked to report post 2 P.M.

PUCL Delhi office has N.D. Pancholi as the only trainee for interns.

I reported sharp at 2 P.M. in a formal attire and was made to sit for 2 hours straight: without any work.

When finally other interns started coming in at around 4 P.M. in tracksuit, that’s when I realized that not only its a chilled out internship but also the quality of the internship is not at par with the Jaipur unit.

When finally sir arrived at the office, he had already provided the co-interns with project work and started discussing about the same.

Post the “Interactive session” I was provided with a project topic and was asked to prepare a report on the same.

Main tasks

To create a presentation on the Armed Forces Special Powers Act.


No work environment as such, the office consists of two assistants.

And with no work to do apart from research work on the pertaining project topic.

One can work from home and submit the report once done.

Best things

Chilled out scene.

Go, don’t go, no one really cares.

One needs to give a generous donation of Rs. 1,000 when they join they internship.

Upon completion of internship tenure they will receive a certificate.

Bad things

In my experience it was a waste of time, with no legal experience.

Co-ordination is difficult between the intern and the trainee.



Biggest Lessons

Before joining any internship, it is very essential to know about the working environment of the institution, so that the internship goes fruitful and one actually learns something substantial.

Editor’s note: This is an internship experience at PUCL, Delhi. Internship experiences at PUCL, Jaipur are generally very highly rated.

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