Internship Experience @ People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), Jaipur: Be A Part of Shiksha Ka Sawaal Campaign




People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), Jaipur

Team: 50 students

Application Process

You just have to send a mail on with your C.V.


I had interned in People’s Union for Civil Liberties for a period of 7 weeks.

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Initially, I thought only of 4 weeks. But as the time passed, I found the work interesting and extended my time period.

First Day

People’s Union for Civil Liberty (PUCL) has its office in Jaipur.

It is administrated by Ms. Kavita Srivasatva.

The office is one room in her home.

But the interns are permitted to use the whole premises.

The formalities for joining the internship is just that you have to write an application in the office, which would include some important details such as duration, joining date and leaving date, name of the college, course and year.

First impression was okay. Kavita Mam seemed quite friendly and the atmosphere was homely.

Main tasks

I as a intern did the Shiksha Ka Sawaal campaign.

This campaign is run by Rajasthan Patrika.

In this campaign we visited various villages to examine the condition of Government Schools and to make people aware about their Right to Information and to provoke them for the same.

We also did:
  1. Survey of night shelter homes.
  2. Survey of children homes.
  3. Survey of rohingyas (people who have migrated from Myanmar)
  4. Visit to Session and District Court.
  5. Visit to High Court.
  6. 3 days Session on Human Rights

Interns who became friends later were too good. Everyone was helpful.

The best moments were those spent with village people.

While conducting the survey in the villages, we had to interact with children, parents and teachers.

While interacting with the parents, we could feel the love they gave us.

My personal experience: I went to one of the houses to ask some questions.

The lady there kept on insisting that I have food, tea and cold drinks until I said yes.

One the other hand my team also had a bad experience.

We went to a village and the lady in one of the homes asked us our caste.

After knowing our caste, she did not answer a single question.

The toughest task was to locate and reach the villages, as there was no vehicle facility.

Best things

This internship made me aware about various realities of life.

The most funny thing was, I had never been to a village, and seeing movies I always had an image that the houses in the villages would be constructed of cow dung cake and there would be a gathering of women in the evening, etc.

But I found the villages completely opposite.

They are well built and the people have no time to spare.

Everyone is busy in their lives.

Bad things

The only bad experience I had in this internship was of one of the villages.

In one of villages we were asked our castes by one lady (whom we were asking questions about the government school). And after knowing our castes, she did not answer a single question.

This reveals that there is a lot of discrimination on the basis of caste in the villages.



Instead, you have to bear all the expenses of travelling.

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