Virtual Internship Experience with People’s Union For Civil Liberties: Public Welfare and Human Right Issues

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Name, College & Year of Study


Name of the Organisation

People’s Union for Civil Liberties

Duration of Internship 

July 1, 2021 – July 31, 2021

How and Why did you Apply?

At the recommendation of a senior, I decided to apply at the People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Delhi for an internship. I was somewhat nervous about whether or not will I get the chance to be an intern here, as my CV was not that impressive (I strongly felt such).  

Selection Criteria

I sent them a mail at with my CV attached to it, which was answered within 2-3 days. In their reply, they had mentioned some terms and conditions and said that if I agree I can submit INR 1000 as a registration fee at the account details provided by them and can begin with the internship programme starting from 1st July, 2021.  

Conditions were very simple such as: 

  • There will be no stipend as PUCL is an NGO working for public welfare and not for any commercial purpose. 
  • All the work which the interns will be made to do, will also be in public favour and so on. 
  • So, I submitted the registration fees as an acceptance to their conditions. 

In this way, I didn’t feel like they are very choosy in selecting their interns and thus, it is a great opportunity for the first-year students to intern there as they will not demand anything from your past experiences. 

As it was a completely online internship, I didn’t get any chance to visit their office and in this way, the question about accommodation and campus experience did not arise. My office was our drawing room and the campus experience was all about watching all others on the laptop screen. 

Work Experience

They didn’t make us do any typical work. 2 clerks were there especially to assist and co-ordinate with us. All the other interns, officials at PUCL were very cooperative. 

Seminars on any legal issue or human rights issue were conducted after a gap of a few days, which were actually very knowledgeable and interesting. Topics were usually like sedition and the Rohingya’s issues, among others.

We were asked to write short notes giving our opinions on the burning issues going on in the country like hate speeches at Pataudi and extrajudicial killings of Adivasis. 

We were also asked to prepare a research paper on any legal or human rights issue which we were to submit 2 days before the completion of the internship. 

Group discussions on the ongoing situations were also organized after short intervals of time. 

Material to support the interns, doing the above-mentioned work was also sometimes provided by them. 

It was totally a great experience with almost no pressure. 


  • Helps interns make their own opinions about the political and other issues going on in the country.
  • Helps interns enhance their writing skills. 
  • Helps interns enhance their researching skills. 

I am very satisfied with the internship programme at the PUCL and learned a lot from them with such a coordinating staff.

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