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Internship Experience @ People’s Union for Civil Liberties, New Delhi: Attend Seminars and Conferences

Internship People's Union of Civil Liberties , Internship PUCL Jaipur
LSAT - Discover Law
LSAT - Discover Law
Intern Details

Shashank Suresh

H.N.L.U, Raipur

1st Year

Duration of the Internship

28th November,2015 – 20th December,2015


Being in the first year of a law school, a question which comes to everyone’s mind is “where to intern?”.

Afterall, good internships helps in securing a good job, a good internship helps in learning the practical usage of law as well as it helps in gaining valuable experience.

After talking to some seniors and taking the advice of my parents, I decided to intern at a NGO; PUCL, New Delhi. P.U.C.L stands for People’s Union for Civil Liberties.

Since it is located in Delhi, the problem of finding a good place to stay wasn’t required as my home was there but there are a lot of good PGs nearby at an affordable rate.

First Day

I had huge expectations when I was about to go to their office. I dressed up well in formals and made sure that I put on my best as first impressions do make a lasting impact.

For everyone who thinks like me, disappointment is awaiting you. The office is nothing like you imagine or have grown up watching in the innumerable TV shows.

The office is a really compact one which can hardly¬†accommodate¬†10 people. Going in formals won’t¬†make any difference as you’ll be greeted by the 2 clerks working there who pretty much won’t pay attention or judge you on what you wear.

On the first day you’ll be required to pay Rs. 1000 as an enrollment amount which would make you a lifetime member of their monthly¬†bulletin. You’ll also be required to fill¬†out some details and complete your registration.

The first day would somehow seem useless as you’ll have no work or you can assist the clerks in their clerical work. Again, for those who have huge expectations or have ego issues of not doing any clerical work then this place isn’t for you

Rest of the experience

Afterwards you’ll get to interact with Mr. N.D. Pancholi, President of P.U.C.L., Delhi. He’ll be the one who’ll guide you to everyday’s work.

Since this is basically a NGO which deals with Civil Liberities, you’ll be asked to attend protests happening at Jantar Mantar, attend few seminars and conferences and prepare a detailed report on it.

Mr. N.D. Pancholi is an extremely polite and humble person.

Humility and Politeness is something which can definitely be learnt from a person of his calibre. The best part of all the lazy people is that you’re not technically required to attend any of the session.

Mr. Pancholi would just give you the details of the next day and it’s upto you whether you wish to attend it or just spend time at the¬†accommodation. Since I¬†thought it’ll be¬†a good learning experience, I personally attended all of the events and got to learn a lot.

Best Part

Since we have to attend a lot of seminars and conferences we got to roam a lot around Delhi. The co-interns with me were really friendly and it helped me learn a lot about other colleges too.

Mr. Pancholi was kind enough to give us high court passes so it was an amazing experience to witness court proceedings. If you are on friendly terms with Mr. Pancholi, you’ll get to learn a lot and he can guide you a lot even in the future.

Application Procedure

Apply at puclnat@gmail.com or mahipalsinghrh@gmail.com

Address:- 270-A, Patparganj, Opp Anandlok Apartments,Gate No.2, Mayur Vihar I, Delhi,110091

Mr. ND Pancholi, President, PUCL, Delhi

Overall Impression

For everyone who is interested in social justice and rallies and want to be a part of contemporary issues or have any interest in should definitely consider interning here. Also Mr. N.D. Pancholi is a truly amazing person and you’ll get to learn a lot from him.

Accommodation Nearby

There are a lot of P.Gs nearby and the clerks there can suggest you the best area to live there in the cheapest rate.

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