Internship Experience @ People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Jaipur: Visit Sessions Court and Interact with Senior Lawyers


Saisha Singh

Name of the College: Maharashtra National Law University, Mumbai

Year of Study: 1st year

Duration of the Internship

17th December, 2015 to 13th January, 2016


People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Jaipur( PUCL, Jaipur)

My Experience

The excitement of going home nearly after 5 months, was keeping me up in high spirits. The very thought of going back to my home made me feel super-relieved.

Yes, this is the thought that comes to your mind just after finishing the first semester examinations. But what we forget is the basic part of work which starts from this time itself.

Like all other first year students, I had applied for internship to the organization PUCL Jaipur. This was also advantageous as a location because of the fact that it is my hometown.

The thought of tasty food, time with family, celebrations had always occupied my mind. I actually thought that all this could be managed alongside the internship. But it is this experience of a month which made me realise all that is needed while working with senior professionals.

I began my work at PUCL Jaipur on 17th December, which started by the screening of certain documentaries, such as Jai Bhim Comrade.

Also we were made to see lectures of senior JNU professors such as Parlay Kanungo, by the means of which clarity on the terms Hindutva and Hinduism was brought about. This was the work in the first week.

Soon after this, the interns were made to visit sessions court and interact with senior lawyers in the state, such as Prem Krishna Sharma. Subsequently, we were taken to the visits of the shelter homes in Jaipur, and completed a survey on the number of homeless persons living in the city.

The experience was such that the work lasted till wee hours of 3 a.m. in the morning, with all of us and our mentor ma’am Kavita, helping each other. From talking to policemen and having to interact with them was done at this time.

The shelter home visit, forms a part of the pedagogical process here, and anyone who dares to miss it may put her/his internship in jeopardy. This isn’t someone else’s experience but mine.

I was the one intern who dared to miss one of these sessions, and was rebuked by Ma’am. In order to save myself from any other repercussions, I was sent to another district to attend a meeting which was very important to the organization.

Soon after returning, on the same day, I set off to another task, the shelter home work.

After the celebration with a day’s holiday for Christmas, all of us resumed work.

This time, there was another survey, but for other work, the police stations, and their sensitivity in handling cases related to females. Not only this, but we also completed the survey of government schools and their toilets during the internship.

Apart from this, a survey of the coaching institutes and various colleges in the town of Jaipur and Kota, on the issue of whether they have sexual harassment at workplace committees or not.

The reports of these varied surveys, and most importantly the interns contributions were compiled and presented to various authorities after we finished our term.b

During this time, we got the chance of being a part of various talks, discussions and workshops conducted for preventing child abuse, empowering women cabdrivers, promoting the culture of tolerance and education at Mewat, Alwar, awareness programme for violence against women, the declining girl child ratio, displacement and development, sting operations which were done to see the extent till which laws for prenatal sex determination are violated, and last but not the least, the Rajasthan University Women’s Association, which is striving for best treatment of women in the society.

During the course of this internship, we had the chance of meeting senior activists such as advocate Prem Krishna Sharma, Sir Colin Gonsalves, Dr. Mita Singh, Dr. Pritam, Sir Shripal, Noor Mohammed Sir, Anant Bhatnagar Sir, Ma’am Kamla Bhasin, Ms. Kavita Srivastava herself, Ma’am Komal Srivastava, Ms. Mamta Jaitley etc.

Not only this, the one month of internship at PUCL gave me a chance of introspecting myself and my capacity to do the best. There were various things I learnt while working here.

They ranged from being punctual about time to handling busy schedules, to not procrastinating work, to take best care of my health, to making many good friends and getting out of comfort zone in terms of talking to people and making new friends.

Some more activities which could not be mentioned in the flow of the writing: visit to children homes where the kids are HIV affected, visiting Jaipur Foot, visiting Umang, where we actually realised the fact that our problems are really smaller than those who are not even able to lead a normal life, but still, they smile, and we keep bragging with our issues.

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