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Internship Experience @ Peoples Union for Civil Liberties, Jaipur: A great journey for future human rights defenders

Intern Details

Name: Karan Kumar Khetani

Name of the university: The Tamil Nadu National Law School, Trichy

Year of Study: II year, IV semester; B.COM. LL.B. (Hons.)

Duration of Internship

5th December 2015 – 3rd January 2016 (29 Days)

I would like to begin with a thought by Ma’am Kavita Srivastava that enthralled me, “Democracy if not challenged is not worth of being called a democracy.”

It is quite an easy task to get internship at PUCL, Jaipur because they don’t say NO to any application received. However, it is advisable that you apply 2 weeks prior so that accommodation and other stuff can be managed pretty well.

Email Id of Kavita Ma’am: [email protected]

Email Id of PUCL,Rajasthan: [email protected]

PUCL new website: Click HERE.

A 28 days Internship is COMPULSORY.

You can send your application with a cover letter and attached CV to any of the above mentioned email ID’s. If you don’t receive a reply within a week, please follow up.

Address of PUCL, Jaipur Office: 865, Barkat nagar, gopalpura, Kissan Marg, behind Vijay tent house, Jaipur, 302015, Rajasthan.

Now I have given you the most descriptive address as it can be. When you cross the Gandhi Nagar railway staion flyover on tonk road, take the fist U turn and turn left besides the petrol pump street. Go straight, when the road ends, turn right and then again towards second right.

You will see a green colored 1 floor house. Welcome to PUCL, Jaipur office! PUCL Jaipur operates in a small room at the ground floor of this house. Believe me, this thought will strike you at the beginning as to how such an organization can operate from this room.

But well you know “The Food Security PIL” was filed from this office and most importantly “Right to Privacy case” was also filed by PUCL which is one of the most important fundamental right enshrined by us through our constitution.

Kavita Ma’am is so very kind and humble that she lets the interns use the Kitchen and other two rooms available at the ground floor. You can make tea, coffee, maggi or continental (If interested 🙂 ) whenever you want. “Bas Samaan le aana paas me dukaan se 😛“.


Now talking about the accommodation stuff there are lot of PG’s available near the office and Pappu sir can help you to get the accommodation.

Trust me, you wont face any problem regarding accommodation. Kavita Ma’am will let you stay in the other rooms in office till you get the PG or you can stay there itself, Believe me! #KavitaMaamRocks

Alternatively you can contact me for any issues. I am a Jaipurite and I will be really glad to help you. (+91 7737777591)

For girls, there is a good hostel called Ajmera Girls Hostel which is very near to PUCL, office. Contact Number of the Hostel : + 91 94142 50840

Now first things first, there is triple registration system at PUCL, Jaipur that means you need to register yourselves thrice. It is advisable that you go a day prior to your internship joining to the office and register yourselves.

You are required to give a written application and check you details on the laptop.

The most important fact about PUCL is that it is not an NGO, it is a HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANIZATION, as simple as that.

Many students have this misconception of PUCL being an NGO. Well, it isn’t! That means that PUCL receives no funding from the government as it is not registered and all the funds are personally raised by members.

After being General secretary of PUCL for many years, now Kavita ma’am is the president of PUCL.

Kavita ma’am is very very particular about literally everything. One senior intern told me at my first day “Tum kuch seekho na seekho time ka matlab seekh jaaoge.” (You will understand the importance of time at PUCL).

One incident which happened to my friend when we went to the office for registering ourselves was that ma’m told her (My friend) to pick up the register and write her details.

There was a copy also lying besides. After she got the register, ma’am scolded her and she was like “I don’t want this internship ” and at the very last day she told me “Karan! Yaar us din ma’am ne ache ke liye hi daanta tha! Apan ne kitna kuch seekha.” (That day ma’am scolded me for good, see how much we learnt.)

Well see, you know Kavita Ma’am is really very very busy lady. You WILL be a prey to madam’s temper for sure in your internship (which she herself forewarns you about). But at last, she is very sweet and kind at heart. She will scold you for good and make the best out of you.

Kavita ma’am also used to tell us about Tanuj Kalia sir (Founder of Lawctopus) that he regularly visits PUCL, Jaipur and volunteers with the work.

Kavita ma’am also told us that Jaya Prakash Narayan founded the People’s Union for Civil Liberties and Democratic Rights (PUCLDR), in 1976.

The idea was to make the PUCLDR. An organisation free from political ideologies, so that people belonging to various political parties may come together on one platform for the defense of Civil Liberties and Human Rights. Now, PUCL and PUDR are different branches of the same tree.

PUCL idea was conceived from the jail. As a matter of PUCL Policy PUCL does not accept money from any funding agency, Indian or foreign. All the expenses are met by the members, the office bearers, and the activists.

So all the interns have to bear all the travelling expenses (Mainly) on their own.

What do you do to chill?

The beautiful Pink city is a great place to live in. World trade park is not far from the office which is an elegant mall which includes Kabab and curries, Dunkin Donuts, Dominos, KFC, Cinepolis and The CHOCOLATE ROOM – my favourite. 😀

Then Raja Park is there, the hub of street food corners. You will enjoy in Jaipur, for sure.


TRUST ME, this internship will be very very different from the other internships you will do in your forthcoming successful career.

Working at ground reality will give you a great experience and will make you learn a lot. You may learn and mug up ‘n’ number of bare acts and law books, but how implementation is working is the most important aspect.

Kavita ma’am divides you in groups and you work in those groups. You can become the coordinator of your batch by requesting ma’am.

I was a coordinator and I thoroughly enjoyed being the same. The leaving coordinators usually recommend whom they want to see as coordinators.

You are rarely called to the office. You get a mail everyday stating where and when to come the next day.

Now the problem comes for non Jaipurites over here. You will have to reach various different places but OLA, UBER, JUGNOO and TFS make your easy. Although all expenses have to be borne by you.

You will rarely get holidays. But when you are so tired and the schedule has been hectic since quite a days, you can request for a holiday and all depends on mood. Ma’am is very kind though.

If you are called at 10 AM, that means 10 AM, you can’t be late otherwise your internship can be TERMINATED (Scolding is complimentary :P). Ma’am is very particular about punctuality.

We visited and studied many cases including ‘Neem ka Thana illegal mining case’ and ‘Kishangarh Airport Extension case’.

We came to know that even after the high court orders, police does nothing. We felt so helpless at times when we saw our judiciary being mocked by the government administration.

Kishangarh airport extension case is a case involving Land acquisition of some villages without even reasonable compensation to the farmers. When we were on the visit, I spoke to one of the villagers over there.

He said “Agar Kavita Di nahi hoti to pata nahi kab ka dhakka maar kar nikaal diya hota.” (If Kavita ma’am wouldn’t have been there, we would have been thrown out of our own houses days ago.) This statement left tears rolling down my eyes.

We also surveyed the Homeless people sleeping in the chilling cold on the main streets of Jaipur and recorded more than 5000 people sleeping on the streets. We also submitted our report to the Nagar nigam, Jaipur.

We were made aware about the corrupt practices being followed by shelter home guards who demand money from these poor people and also ask for ID cards despite of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India clearly stating that NO ID CARDS SHOULD BE DEMANDED IF THE PERSON DOESN’T has the same.

You will feel helpless if the apex court orders are itself not being followed.

We visited many children homes, PWD schools and attended many essential conferences including “Round table conference on JJ act amendment – implications and recourse.”

The conference was headed by Colin Gonsalves Sir who is the founder and director of HRLN (Human rights law network). He is a Delhi based supreme court lawyer. We met him twice in our internship duration and trust me, he is too good with that foreign accent.

Kavita ma’am and Colin Sir are very good friends and Colin sir is the Lawyer on behalf of some petitions by PUCL, Jaipur in the Hon’ble Supreme court of India.

We attended many sessions including LGBT group rights, sexuality, sex ratios, Naxalism and many more burning issues. All esteemed resource persons are arranged by Kavita Ma’am.

We also did a ‘Dharna‘ (Protest) outside police headquaters, jaipur and it was so well planned by Kavita ma’am. We forced the Assistant Director general of police to come out and he gave assurance to speedy investigation in some of the important cases.

The way Kavita Ma’am mocks people is the best. Kavita ma’am mocked a senior police officer by reversing the motto of rajasthan police stating “Apraadhiyo me vishwaas; Aamjan me dar.


No stipend. It is a voluntary organisation.

You get delayed certificates but there is so much written on your certificate that the viewer will be proud of you after seeing your certificate for sure.

Kavita ma’am told me that they respect their interns and start the certificate by stating that “We are privileged to have you as intern.” The line itself makes you proud of yourselves.

PUCL is fun. PUCL, Jaipur will be missed.

It actually doesn’t matters how much I write for this experience, it will always be less. It was a great journey. I learned so so much. I thank Kavita ma’am for this invaluable golden opportunity.

 This entry has been submitted for the LexisNexis-Lawctopus Internship Experience Writing Competition 2015-2016. iPleaders is the learning partner for this competition.

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