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Peeping into the Heart of a Young Law Student- A Poem

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Peeping into the Heart of a Young Law Student

I’m an open book, ready to be read;
Those who turn pages find they’re empty.
Even if, when disentangled events unfold,
Incomplete stories, unsung libretto and unwoven dreams pop out.

Seems I’m like a flying saucer,
When alone, the sky is my limit
And certainly few friends are my wings,
Those who hold me, but never attempt to hold me back.

I’m very vocal, but many a time equivocal,
Label me a ‘blabbermouth’ or a good time pass.
Lovely, Love me, love you or love me not,
I care and I don’t care at all.

Like a volcano, inside me the world is boiling,
Don’t know how, uncontrolled all gets destroyed;
In that breakdown, like other, you break up,
But, now I’ve also learned the treachery of life.

In the whole ocean, when saw a single amphibian;
It appears “that’s really self-absorbed”;
But, sometime I also gulp, sometime I give
Certainly, not a leech, but I’m a love-bee.

Full of flaws and full of pessimism,
Wandering here and there, in search of a searchlight;
Only slip-up, don’t want to be in chain;
Let it be, again won’t bear that pain.

Dissect, what am I? What I cannot?
Envious, moody, egoist, rude and what not!
For someone, I’m ‘dangerous’ for the few ‘treacherous’;
Dare open the open-book, blank pages will appear mysterious.

(Mr. Masoom Reza is a 4th year law student of Jamia Millia Islamia and can be reached at ryder.masoom@gmail.com)

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