Parth Chandra’s Interview: About the Daily Laws App + How to Built an App

Tell us something about yourself, educational background etc.?

Well we are a team of 3. Two of us – Ankur Khemani and Akshay Jain shared the same Alma mater. They completed their B.Tech. (CS) from ITM University, Gurgaon in 2014.

Ankur is about to start his Masters in CS from University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Ankur is an experienced mobile application developer and has been developing mobile apps with Akshay since the second year of their college days.

Akshay is a passionate designer who has a penchant for creating apps with spectacular User Interface.

And I am the third one Parth Chandra. I have just passed out from HNLU, Raipur. As a law student, I also travelled the same road of doing internships in firms, courts and senior advocates, moots & conferences, but my inner desire was to do something different.

I met Ankur at our relative’s house when I was in Delhi doing my Judicial Clerkship for a period of 1 month under Justice AK Sikri in January 2015 and I met Akshay through Ankur in one of our ritual weekend hangouts in Hauz Khas Village 🙂

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Tell us about the app you have designed?

‘Daily Laws’, (as the name suggests) focuses on informing the Mango People (Aam Janta) of India about the prevailing laws that surrounds their every day life.

Besides, this app comes in very handy for students pursuing Law and for lawyers in their professional workspace.

Keeping in mind the ‘The Power of a Common Man’, the app covers three main sections viz FIR, Women & Consumer, with all practicable ways to get relief without hassle.

Legal Formats are also attached wherever needed, so that the user just has to fill facts and set the machinery in motion without incurring expenditure on legal fees.

daily laws app

Let us take an example: what if police refuses to register an FIR in case of a cognizable offence?

The law states the person can report it in Superintendent of Police under sec 154(3) CrPC.

The user in this app has to just click on the format tab below, get a print out and fill the facts and send it by registered post to get it registered. It is as easy as filling the blanks.

daily laws appFEATURES OF THIS APP:

# This is the first Law based app to get a very pleasing User Interface that will make you fall in love with the app shortly. Easy Navigation and Search provides an icing on the cake.

# You get a concise yet very procedural classification of laws that surround your daily life. You will never stay in oblivion with this app in your pocket.

# The app covers following major ‘BARE ACTS’ of Indian Laws, all in one place:

• Indian Penal Code, 1860 (IPC)
• Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CPC)
• Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (CrPC)
• Evidence Act, 1872
• Constitution of India, 1949

# This app has a very user-friendly ‘SEARCH’ mechanism when it comes to ‘Bare Acts’. The user just has to type the section number and automatically all acts pertaining to that section will be displayed.

# You can ‘BOOKMARK’ any section of a Chapter or an Article that you need to visit frequently. This allows you to access this section easily for future use (in the ‘bookmarks’ section of the app).

# You can access all the data even when you are OFFLINE. This means you have your law books by you when you are on a flight or relaxing on a beach.

You can download the Daily Laws App HERE. Also, check out THIS link.

How did the idea for the app come?

Ankur and I always used to discuss ‘technology’ and ‘law’ when we shared some great time at our relatives. He used to tell me about all his exciting apps on the Google Play Store and the latest tech trends. I used to buzz about my interesting legal experiences and ongoing projects.

One such experience was my consumer case that happened when I was studying law. I had ordered product from an e-commerce online shopping site in which I received a defective product. After lot of requesting and follow-ups they returned my money after 110 days.

Not in a mood to take that company lightly I sued them in consumer court and got 10 times the product value as compensation amount.

 From that day my journey towards consumer activism and making people aware of their rights started. I wanted to do something that would give citizens real power to fight without being scared of legal hassles.

Ankur found this experience very interesting. He, being tech savvy, always looks for ideas and opportunities to get into mobile space.

I was myself looking for a platform where my voice could reach millions if not billions! We started searching the Google Play Store looking at the available apps and found no such app.

Also, all the existing law apps (built specially for lawyers) have not paid attention towards creating well-designed user interface.

We believe that if something doesn’t exist – create one; if something does exist, make it 10x better! This was the moment when a novel idea sprung which could spread awareness of such common laws to millions and also provide major ‘Bare Acts’ to lawyers in a 10x better way!

How long did it take to design the app, what were the difficulties in the process?

We have been working on this app for more than 3 months, as we wanted to come out with an app that suits the needs of both the segments of society – common laws and professional law workspace. A good app needs a mix of content, user interface and innovation. To achieve that, we did come across few difficulties.

We had 3 major challenges:

1. User Interface A charismatic app where navigation is smooth and not time consuming (unlike other available apps), yet very simple and effective to read!

We used UI Patterns to make navigation super smooth and Material Design to present an app that catches everyone’s eye. We are happy to get a positive feedback from users about the User Interface.

2. Keeping up with the novelty It was important that the Daily Laws be descriptive and informative but presented in layman terms.

Hence, we came up with idea of presenting it in FAQ format that is easily perceived by everyone.

3. Content (Search) There were few roadblocks when it came to dealing with lot of data in bare acts and at the same time to make it user friendly.

But, we had taken the pledge to make the app look simple and easy to handle which becomes a ‘must’ have app for all.

We came up with a unique search feature where people could see the articles/sections from different categories as soon as they enter any article/section number.

It’s an autocomplete search with multiple Bare Acts implemented like never before. We are positive that every law student and lawyer will love using it as a handy guide!

What were the financial requirements for designing the app. How did you manage the same?

Usually the money goes in hiring a developer to develop the app for you; or getting a lawyer to generate a class-apart authentic content for your app. But, in our case, we are a team of 3 motivated developer, designer and lawyer!

All we needed was belief to work for the right cause. So, there haven’t been many financial involvements till now except both Ankur and Akshay left their job to completely focus on the development of this app.

We do hope that the app gets a huge success and reach millions! We would continue to work on this app and update it every 15 days. There are lot many exciting features coming up in the next update 🙂

What all things must one decide before designing an app?

1. Target Audience – What is the type of the audience that your app shall cater to; rural vs urban; male vs female; geography; etc

2. Data – What all data does your app need? Is it accessible for free or comes with some cost?

3. Cost – You should also look into how much money developing mobile apps is going to cost you.

4. See if there’s already an app on the market that meets your needs.

5. One should first identify what kind of app it is.

For example, if you are developing an app that involves a lot of reading you have to make sure that the text appears in a way such that it does not strain the reader’s eyes even after long hours of reading, a thing that has been taken care of in our app.

6. Also, It is important to understand the expectations of user’s while designing the app so before starting this app we collected suggestions and feedback from 20 odd people from friends/family. There can be many more that I might not be able to cover here.

What are your future expectations from this app? Plans to design any more apps on similar lines?

Our next target is to provide support for all the major languages used across India so no one misses out. We also plan to cover those people who do not have a smart phone with them but we will keep those plans concealed for now.

As this is first such app in Android market we have huge expectations that this app will reach masses and become a ‘must have’ app for all.

We don’t have plans to make more apps on same lines but develop this app more to cover more interesting issues and topics for discussion and create an interface where there can be interaction between a common man and our budding lawyers on legal issues wherein the common man benefits from the expertise of our budding lawyers on basic legal issues while our young talented ‘minds’ gets a practical experience.

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You can download the Daily Laws App HERE. Also, check out THIS link.

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