Internship @ State Legal Aid Authority, Bilaspur: Jail & Court Visits, Ample Work, It’s a Bhaagte Raho Internship

The interns need to follow a timetable where all the activities which are supposed to be completed by the interns are listed. We visited various NGO’s, Central Jail and Juvenile Court and had a good time witnessing the Criminal Proceedings and interacting with the accused persons. By Sakshi Dhruw, HNLU, Raipur, 2nd Year

Internship @ PB Ramanujam & PB Balaji Advocates, Chennai: Learn the Nuances of Civil Litigation , Rated 7/10, No Stipend

Though there was always an overflow of work at office, the energy levels never went low. The entire office is like a closely knit family, with its share of fun and laughter, amidst all the work. In fact, on days that it would get late, they would permit to take breaks and even provided tea

Internship @ National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi: Get insights on human rights and their defence

I was entrusted with the task of preparing Comparative analysis of Mental Health bill 2013 and Mental Health Act, 1987. The work was interesting. I had to do a fair amount of research which will probably help me in law school life. By Gaurang Bhushan, GNLU, Gandhinagar, 1st year

Internship @ Madhya Pradesh High Court, Jabalpur: The Practice and the Law School are Entirely Different

The work entailed primarily observing the workings of the courtroom, and sometimes assisting the judge with researching for precedents. This was quite possibly because I was in my first year, and a person who applies for internship when they are more aware of procedural and substantive laws, might get more of a workload.

Internship @ Rajani, Singhania and Partners LLP, New Delhi

The main tasks entrusted on me during my internship were preparing contracts, reading, researching. The assignments included typical corporate law work. The litigation team is strong too. Cases from the competition tribunal were also in plenty. Intellectual Property Rights work was interesting and equally rewarding in terms of knowledge

Career Talk with Harlaksh Singh of TURF29 | Pune’s Biggest 6 Aside Artificial Turf Football Ground

I travel extensively trying to explore and meet as many people as possible. The real world is full of opportunities and possibilities. And the people who dare, succeed. Out there, it’s not the intelligence but the application that’s important. Keep improving. Keep exploring if you haven't narrowed down on your choice of profession yet.

Call for Papers: Army Institute of Law Journal (Vol VII 2014): Submit by Sept 15

Army Institute of Law Journal is a Refereed Law Journal ISSN No 0975-8208 published annually by the Army Institute of Law. The Law Journal is dedicated to increasing the in-depth knowledge of the subject across disciplines with the cherished objective to enhance intellectual quotient with the cherished aim of expanding interdisciplinary knowledge and initiating dialogue

Call for Papers: Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility [Nov 13-14, Mysore, Karnataka]: Submit by Aug 19

The conference would also have leading corporate leaders presenting technical sessions to provide the audience better insights and perspectives in this emerging area. The eminent invited speakers include Mr. J.P. Haran, Managing Director, Tata Consulting Engineers and Mr. Soumitra Bhattacharya, CEO, Bosch Ltd. , India.

Call for Papers: PRC’s Seminar on ‘Global Issues of Population, Development and Environment’ [Oct 27-28]: Submit by July 31

This seminar is an attempt to bring together international scholars from cognate areas on a single platform to deliberate on the issues cited earlier. It is hoped that the conclusions of the seminar will directly help evolve policies and programmes for environmental protection with sustainable development.