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Internship Experience @ P. Wilson, Sr. Advocate, Madras High Court: Court Visits and Football games!

Name of the Organization

P. Wilson (Senior Advocate) at the Madras High Court

Duration of Internship

June-July 2016 and December, 2017

About the firm

Boss is a Senior Advocate based in Chennai. He has two offices- one close to the High Court and the other close to the boss’s office. He also has approximately six-seven junior advocates and two-three interns at any given time.

You can find his profile on Wikipedia for further information.

The Application Process

You can request for an internship under him by applying through his son’s firm at [email protected]

They reply within a reasonable time (one week) and do not seriously adhere to the fourth-fifth year student requirement meaning students from all years can secure an internship here.

Application Tips

I think your application is taken more seriously if it is sent through an official place like the placement cell of your college. This is generally true with all firms but I think it is more with this firm as they tend to ignore random internship requests and quickly accept those coming from college placement cells.

Finding a place to stay

There are a lot of places to stay in Chennai. If you want to stay near the High Court and the High Court office of this firm, I would recommend staying in Periamet on Poonnamallee High Road  near Park Station. This area has several hotels which accept monthly tenants for various rents for example Bava Lodge (Rs. 5000 per month in 2017) or Eshi’s Manor (Rs. 8000 per month in 2016).

If you want to stay close to the home office, I would recommend staying in a hotel which accepts monthly tenants. It is located near the Nungambakkam Railway Station, but my memory fails me when I try to remember the name, however, in 2016, its monthly rent was Rs. 7000.

The Work Environment

Working with Boss (P.Wilson) can be quite an experience. He has an extreme work-ethic and can hold people back till 10 at night and expect them to be present next day early morning. He is a workaholic himself and expects the same out of others.

The Office Experience

The co-workers, consisting of Juniors and office staff, are extremely warm, helpful and friendly. They will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. I had the most wonderful experience working in the office and made quite a few friends in the short time I was there.

The Stay

The quality of stay depends on your budget. The paying guest accommodation I took was for Rs. 5000 per month at Bava Lodge in Periamet. The room was a little small and you had to wash your own clothes. But it is very conveniently located near the Park and Central Station.

I also became a fan of the football club Chennaiyin FC as the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, their home ground, is 500 m from where I lived and so I could watch the home games!


Boss (P. Wilson) paid Rs. 5000 the first time (2016) and then Rs.8000 (2017) for one month. While giving me Rs. 8000 in 2017 he said he pays the stipend only to those who involve themselves in the work.

So stipend is not fixed and it depends on the quality of your work.


The aim of my internship was to see the Madras High Court and get a hold of its functioning. I think the two months I spent under Boss over the two years were a good experience and gave me a good insight into the world of law!


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  1. Hi, Mr. Wilson,
    I’m NOT as such applying for an internship program at your law firm but I would like to speak with you on a very confidential matter. Please let me know on your next visit to the National Capital. Hopefully, I should be operating from Delhi Cantonment or from UN-HQ when I meet with you next.
    Have a blessed day!
    Best Wishes,
    UN-Core Intelligence Academic Wing (S&T)
    Military News Correspondent for SEA/IOR, Europe & USA



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