Over 2100 Law Students Send a Representation to Bar Council of India Seeking Relief Against Exams

As India reels under a brutal wave of COVID-19, over 2100 law students have sent a representation to the Bar Council of India (BCI) seeking relief against ongoing or upcoming exams.

In the representation, the students ask for cancelling of exams and using scaled-up marks of the assessments that have already been conducted. Even for universities where exams are deferred to when the pandemic subsides, the students suggest cancelling them and using assessment marks (such as projects, mid-terms etc.)

For universities that are yet to conduct mid-terms or similar assessments, the letter suggests that the university could conduct a non-rigorous assessment after giving adequate notice.

It also suggests tweaking the current evaluation criteria so that it is not burdensome for students.

It further asks BCI to direct universities to allow for deadline extension etc. without any evidence. This is owing to the barriers to testing, and also false negatives, which have been common during the second wave.

This letter has been signed by students of over 40 universities across the country.

Read the statement below:

Law Students Representation to the BCI
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