By Tanuj Kalia

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outlook magazine's law school rankings, law college rankings 2014
Outlook’s Law School Rankings 2014

Please don’t take these (or any) rankings to be the ‘bible’ of which law school is good or not.

1. Do independent research (search for recruitment figures on websites like Legally India and Bar and Bench).

2. Talk to the students already studying in the college (Even they might be biased towards their college, so talk to many students).

3. It does NOT matter whether you get a 7th ranked college or a 10th ranked college (as per any rankings under the sun including the rankings which exist in your head). What matters is what you do with the college you get.

I know people in NLSIU and NUJS who wasted 5 years of their life and ended up nowhere and I know people from RMLNLU and Christ Bangalore who are doing great.

PS- An addendum to the 3rd point. Choose the best college you are getting. NLSIU etc. will give you lots of more opportunities than say the lower ranked colleges.

But don’t tear your hair over whether to go to ‘X’ (which is, say, at 11th position) or to ‘Y’ (which is say, at 13th position). That does NOT matter.

PS- The India Today Rankings are HERE.

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  1. I have lost faith on the credinility of these ratings. I belong to that law school that jumped from nowhere to No. 1 ranking in Best Emerging colleges and performed No. 1 on all platforms whether it be placement, infra, student care and academic output. However reality is that except world class we have nothing to deserve for that position.

    My advice to aspiring lawyers is to ” To look beyond obvious and think beyond ratings and act beyond exceptionally” All these traits can be inculcated from any where. It doesn’t matter whether you are in NLSIU or Nirma or CCS Meerut. What matters is your passion to study, your admancy to have every concept crystal clear and your ability to to attract and inspire by all good things and assimilating in your life. Web world is very good medium of learning, you have access to world class professor lecture on Youtube, number of law school student google group are available to exchange different perspectives and learn from mutual experienced of other and seek help from peers. Do visit Court, say bye bye to McD or habit of getting chill after eyery 2-3 hour. Observe how good lawyers argue, observe how judges react and what pleases the judge. Appreciate the quality of good pleadings and try to replicate them in yourself. Appreciate good language and try to even write a small informal mail in a very professional manner with eloquent English. Chisel your soft skills and deal every individual with courtesy irrespective to whom you are talking. Try to comedown to the level of opposite party to put across your words in a humble and benevolent manner. Become good listner and don’t interupt even your fellow law student while he/she speaking. Respect individual opinion on any issue and do try to be very flexible in your approach while debating with your peers in a law school, this will help you in transforming your views on certain issues. Do develop a ideology of why you are studying law from the very first day. These are few tips that will make you a really good and intellectual man.

    PS: I come from a rural background and have done my Law from self financed college of IP University, Delhi. Right Now I am working in India’s top company and surprisingly no one ever asked me from where I did my law except on the day of interview. So guys “All powers is within you, you can do anything and everything. So stand up,and express the divinity within you. Best of Luck!

    Aapka Bada Bhai

  2. Hello,

    My advice to the future law aspirants would be to do their own background research (talk to people in the industry, academia etc.) and then take a call. And, honestly, the place/hostel comforts/quality of food is not that important. Everyone gets used to it 🙂

  3. NLSIU must be really good in delivering placements, they can really give 157.5 out of 156.
    I can really smell money-business here outlook magazine. 😀

  4. No one thinks its outrageous that JGLS isn’t on this list? Absolutely ridiculous. How do they quantify “Reputation”, Student care, or Personality Development? :/

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