Opus Reads [April 20]

On the lines of Legally Wired of Legally India, we bring you Opus Reads, the best articles we at Lawctopus can find for our lovely law students.

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Law schools as victims (The Hoot)

Cosmopolitan sensibilities in premier institutions are often misunderstood by conservative elements in society. SAURAV DUTTA says media must stop pandering to them via cultural vigilantism.

Beyond the courtroom (The Hindu)

Prabha Sridevan, the fifth woman to become a judge of the Madras High Court talks to APARNA KARTHIKEYAN about her profession, passions and pursuits.

I failed the Bar Exam (Thought Catalog)

You haven’t even let yourself down because you tried. You took the chance, you put yourself out there, and you weren’t afraid to fail.

You suffered and succeeded through three long years because you aren’t afraid to try to do something hard. You know how many people don’t even try? Thousands. Millions maybe. But you did. And you know what? Everyone is proud of you.

So many of your friends and family members cannot even fathom doing what you’ve done and you did it. The Bar Exam is hard. No one doesn’t believe that.

When creativity met Law (Rodinhoods)

One that would speak to artists in their language. Demystify legal jargon. Teach them ways to protect their creative property. And thus was born – ‘Self-defense’ for Creative Professionals.

The 5-year-old Delhi rape victim: The truth about what we feel (First Post)

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