Agami’s Webinar ‘Justice in a Pandemic: Opportunity to Resolve Disputes Online’ [April 13-17]: Registrations Open


About the Organization

Agami is a movement to create radically better systems of law and justice by unleashing the power of millions of changemakers.

This movement is powered by Agami Network, a community of business and social sector leaders, high-potential innovators, and influencers, and by the Agami organization, a team comprising proven entrepreneurs and social sector leaders.

Through the Agami Prize, Agami Challenges, and other initiatives, Agami is triggering a culture of change-making, supporting changemakers from across sectors and framing opportunities for action that can shape a future in which citizens thrive.

About Online Dispute Resolution

Topic: Opportunity to Resolve Disputes Online, Outside the Courts

The COVID19 crisis has, once again, forcing us to think of what access to justice can be. Even as there are multiple challenges we grapple with, it is increasingly clear that our legal system needs alternative ways to resolve disputes. These need to be efficient, scalable, technology-driven and put the citizen at the centre.

Given the magnitude of disputes that are arising from various sectors (eg: aviation, consumer, banking, employment, etc), Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) could be a game-changer. By ODR, we mean resolving disputes online, outside of the courts, through speedy, cost-effective, and trusted mechanisms of alternate dispute resolution.

To realise the full potential of this opportunity to unclog the courts, and make dispute resolution more seamless, we must embrace and fast-track the adoption of ODR to counter the challenges of access to justice coming at us.

  • Showcasing some leading ODR platforms in India, and how they are solving diverse kinds of cases.
  • Understanding ODR opportunities for businesses, where and how businesses can use ODR to their advantage, and adapt them to their needs.
  • Engaging dispute practitioners in top law firms see the advantages and disadvantages of this system for corporate disputes.
  • Exploring what it means to be an ODR professional of the future.

Resolve Disputes Online by Agami

About the Event

The conversations next week (April 13-17), about an hour each day, will bring ODR to life through the perspectives of pioneers, the work of the leading startups, the viewpoints of industry leaders and the voices of all of you who see this opportunity.

To attend, please register here.

Contact Details

For queries, write to team[at]

You can view the detailed agenda (with the topics, moderators and panellists) here.


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