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Online Job Post @ World of Legal Research, Ahmedabad: Apply by May 24 

By: Aprajita Karki | May 13, 2019
About the organisation

World of Legal Research is an Ahmedabad based company, offering a vast plethora of services in the legal content domain.

They provide base research work in all elements of legal writing, as well as services in the field of legal translation, government/private report preparation website content writing, proofreading, and the like.

Additionally, they also provide tutorial support and lectures on legal research and content writing to academic institutions or independent groups of students.

Job Description

This role is for college students and researchers who wish to sharpen/harness their research skills through in-depth research projects. Applicants should have excellent knowledge of legal language (English) and be able to conduct research on any given subject of law.


This is a contract-based position which is location agnostic. Communication and service delivery will be conducted online.


Applications are open to all researchers, college going students (both graduate and post graduate) enrolled in a full time five years of law college.


On a per assignment basis, the remuneration will be in consonance with industry standards and expertise levels.

How to apply?

Interested candidates may mail their resume at contact[at]worldoflegalresearch.com and call on +919898717470. Please include your legal research and publication experience as well as available hours per week in your application.

Deadline: 24th May 2019.

The website link is here.

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