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About the internship

Legal Foxes is working on Prisoners Project and need dedicated lawyers as well as law students to work on the project. They already have a team working on it and we are willing to add more researchers for the project.

They are searching for law students who can find loopholes in existing laws which are against rights of prisoners or we have to find out what is lacking in jails, how prisoners are treated, whether trials of undertrials are completed on time, whether there are proper medical facilities for them and all such thing to be researched and work for

The advocates will be working practically and will be doing field work in Mumbai as well as Delhi, and the law students will be doing research work from home.

Legal Foxes will give you research work regarding jails, existing laws how they are deficient and what new laws can be introduced. How existing laws are against justice to them and violating their fundamental rights.
Duration of work: You can work as per your convenience like 4-5 hours in a week and we will be giving 5-7 assignments every month.

Delhi and Mumbai, Maharastra

Who can apply?

Student graduate/postgraduates/ Researchers as well as to academicians, attorneys and other stakeholders.

  • All interns in the group are considered selected.
  • We will give you research work regarding jails.
  • Work will be effective as soon as you join the group or you can take time and start whenever you want (should inform).
  • Send your work at lawfoxes[at]
  • You can work as per your convenience like 4-5 hours in a week.
  • You have to complete at least 5 assignments to be eligible for certificates.
  • 5-7 assignments every month.
  • Your work will be carried forward by advocates.


No stipend.

Duration of internship

2-3 months

Application Procedure

For applications, click here on the WhatsApp group.

Eligibility for certificate
You have to complete at least 5 assignments to be eligible for the certificate.
Also, you can start whenever you want but at least 5 assignments for eligible for certificates till then you can notice what’s happening and grab your knowledge.
The report should be your research work which can help our advocates to proceed further and take it practically. We will be contacting prisoners family as well so we need practical knowledge as well.
It’s a bonus if you ever visited a jail or ever interacted with a prisoner.
Send your work in group and mail us at lawfoxes[at]
Contact info

E-mail: lawfoxes[at]

Call/WhatsApp: +91 9350096894

Chief operating officers numbers:  7835939575 and 7838643353

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