Online Internship Opportunity @ KK Sharma Law Offices

KK Sharma Law Offices is a full service law firm with a special focus on competition law and Tax.

We require bright, enthusiastic and dedicated interns who would be interested in enhancing their knowledge base in competition law by way of carrying out research assignments on various topics assigned to them.

Eligibility Criteria

Interested candidates are required to send a writing sample on [email protected] accompanied with their curriculum vitae.

Law students in their third or higher year (5 year course) and 2nd or 3rd year ( 3year course) are eligible for this online internship.

Word of Caution

The firm will be using Viper software to detect any plagiarism and if any material by an intern is found plagiarized; the internship shall be terminated immediately.


Subject to an intern’s performance, in terms of quality and meeting deadlines, ‘Certificate of Internship’ shall be awarded to the deserving candidates.


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