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Online Internship Opportunity @ Indian Academy of Law & Management

By: The Admin | September 27, 2014

A 30-day online Internship Program is offered by IALM in collaboration with it’s Interns Partner Law Firms.

Eligibility, Conditions & Features:

1. You should have completed any of the IALM certification course

2. The Internship is optional for IALM students and it does not provide any remmuneration or stipend during Internship Experience

3. You can choose any of the two projects. Guidance/ Resources to complete the Projects will be provided.

4. A 30-minute feedback/ assessment session on Skype upon completion of your legal project.

Important Note: All IALM projects are based on real cases.


Project 1) Public Interest Litigation: Your locality is affected by demolishing of Park by builders who have got permission from local Municipal Body for constructing multi-storeyed apartments. Draft a Public Interest Litigation (“PIL”) to be filed in the High Court under your area jurisdiction. The PIL needs to be filed along-with documents, affidavits and Power of Attorney.

Project 2) Bail Application: In this project, a client will approach you with the facts leading to his involvement in a street dispute leading to death of one person. Based on the facts supplied by the client, you will be asked to prepare a Bail Application to be submitted in the Session Court.

Project 3) Special Leave Petition: In this project, you will be asked to draft a Special Leave Petition (“SLP”) challenging the virus of notification by Indian Election Commission prohibiting non-graduate Indian citizen to contest Parliamentary elections. The SLP should be well researched and


Project 4) Filings Indian Trademarks: A client will provide you with information on the nature and place of businesses; past usage of mark; details of mark that he intends to obtain in India. Prepare complete Trademark Application ready to be filed along-with documents, Power of Attorney and fees to be deposited at the Indian Patent & Trademark Office.

Project 5) File Trademark Application under Madrid Protocol: An Exporter client wants to file application in Europe, US and Japan. Based on all the information received from the Exporter, you will be required to prepare and ready an application under International Madrid Protocol.

Project 6) Filing Copyright Application in India: A musician has prepared an album (in CD format) and wants to copyright protect it’s songs before talking to a music company. You will be prepare copyright application ready to be filed that protects all the songs of the musicians along-with Power of Attorney, Fees and also protects the title of his album.

Project 7) Filing Patent Application in India: Your US based client wants to protect a pharmaceutical invention in India that has already been filed at USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office). Prepare a covering letter alongwith all the documents and requisite fees to be submitted at Indian Patent Office.


Project 8) Shareholders Agreement: 5 young IT experts want to form a company into a new technological area based on big data. This project entails details about the new venture and the proposed New Company details (Name of the Company, Directors, Location, Objects). You will be guided to prepare a Shareholder Agreement that protects the interest of all the stakeholders in the Venture Company.

Please choose any of the above two projects and provide start date of your Law Internship to [email protected]

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