Online Internship Experience at SVS Attorneys, Jabalpur: Legal Research & Drafting, Litigation Work

Name, College, Year of Study of the Student Intern

Barbee Bhattacharya, Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur, 3rd Year

Name of the Organisation and its Full Address

The official website of the Firm at can be referred for obtaining the details about the internship and it’s mode and manner of application.

Mode of Internship


Duration of Internship

1st Feb, 2021- 24th March, 2021 (45+7 days)

The Internship period spans for a minimum of 45 days. It is preceded by a Pre-Internship/Mentorship Period of about 6-7 days. During the week of Pre Internship period, your working abilities and commitment to the work assigned to you are observed and monitored. If your pattern of work does not suit the office, you are informed about the same at the end of 7 days, after which you can choose to reapply later.

How Did you Apply?

I applied for the internship by sending my CV along with the Cover Letter at I instantly got a response seeking more details about my academics, as in semester wise marking and details about my publications & content writing.

Work Environment

My internship with Siddharth Sir was enthralling and to say the least it acted as a door opener for me to the vast ocean realm of law. I learned more about litigation and procedures in the internship than I even dreamt of.
Filing of Writ Petition, doing research on a variety of cases and Judgements, communicating with clients, in short it was a feeling of a budding lawyer. The presence of Siddharth sir only a phone call away for correction or approval was like an umbrella overhead. In the beginning there were mistakes, but within a few days, the mistakes became rare as a result of kind and harsh connections, but the desire of improvement and to be upto the mark played an even greater role in improvement. In association with the perfect mentor and senior, such a desire comes from within and that is the biggest boon of my internship with Siddharth sir. The jobs were challenging and exacting, but in retrospect the memory of such assignments and the pleasure of finishing them brings a smile and satisfaction in me.

Main Tasks

Drafting of pleadings extensively including interim Application Of sorts, Writ Petition drafts, Written Submissions, Rejoinders, legal pleadings, Affidavits to be filed before Courts etc.

I worked and researched on land Revenue matters, constitutional rights of accused persons vis. A vis. powers of investigative agencies in white-collar crimes & technological challenges faced by them, income tax matters, service matters pertaining to employer-employee disputes, some areas which are not commonly taught in Law School.

Preparing List of Dates; Summaries & Case Briefs of cases listed in coming days. This helped me attain a better understanding of the type of cases and subsequently helped me work on the matter without petty doubts.

Files were transmitted through emails in e-copies of cases to be attended virtually a day before, which we were required to prepare, read and study. Then discussions were to happen on our understanding of the whole proceedings after they got over. This gave a good insight into the whole exercise. Observing and keeping track of

Court Proceedings that are happening through virtual mode in various Courts like Delhi High Court, MP High Court, etc.

Legal translations, content verification & proofreading of Edited Documents.

Apart from all these, there were regular virtual meetings held with Siddharth sir to discuss the updates about the research work on the various cases allotted to all the interns. This helped to improve my research skills and gave me a practical exposure to the theoretical subjects we studied in Law School.

Good Things

As told earlier it was all about learning for the last 52 days. Nitty gritty of legal procedures, importance of punctuations in a Writ Petition or in legal replies was a new thing for me. My Hindi became stronger by Hindi translations and English was honed. Deadlines of faultless submissions brought out my perseverance and ingenuity, harder working hours disciplined my time schedule and even my parents were happy finding me working hard to excel. Research on cases and filing them made me learn many new things.

For college Vivas and personal journeys, I was cautious to work extra hours not to mess up with my assignments and not to miss my deadline for a single day was very satisfying. You are being told beforehand what you are supposed to be doing whilst at internship and you have to be mentally prepared to take up the big challenge this internship is actually. The office is very clear, fair and transparent to all its applicants about the toughness applicants are expected to develop whilst applying for this tedious engagement.

Benchmarks for getting through this internship are your academics & publications as a law student. Don’t apply if you are below 3rd year in graduation or you do not possess an impressive CV decorated with good academics & publications. Being an NLUite is an added advantage as you get an extra preference. The office doesn’t even respond to emails, if they don’t find you worthy enough. Else you are directly shortlisted and asked to join, if CV meets the desired benchmarks.

Bad Things

Nothing can be absolutely good without a tinge of difficulty. Learning does not come easy without toil and reprimands. This is a competitive world and nothing comes to your plate without hard labour. Anybody’s rosy dreams of a golden legal profession without perseverance, hard labour and long hours will be shattered by this internship and that is the only bad side of it. There were deadlines within deadlines and at times the assignments became too tough to be completed within the allotted time. Coupled with university classes, the internship became an unbearable load on occasions, but this was all what I had bargained for. So I chose to continue it.


INR 10, 000 /- remitted in my account on the last day of internship. A pleasant remuneration indeed, where you learnt much more than you earned.


Please Note: This internship experience hasn’t been edited and formatted much to maintain the originality of the intern’s experience.

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