Virtual Internship Experience at Black n’ White Journal, Gurugram: Great Legal Study & Writing


Name of the intern

Jatin Karela

Name of your college

National Law University, Jodhpur

Name of the course and year of study

B.A LL.B | 3rd Year

Name and address of the organisation

Black n’ White Journal, 104(SF)/Sector 22, Gurugram, Haryana – 122015.

Duration of internship

From: 16/08/2021 Till: 19/09/2021

How did you apply for the internship?

I found this Internship on LinkedIn and applied for it by submitting my CV through the “Easy Apply” option at LinkedIn.

In forward to this I got an email with a link, which was for a small test to check our basic idea about formatting and researching.

The process had been quite formal. It was all an online process and this internship was also an online internship.

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

As previously said, the application procedure was formal, as were the first day and main duties. We were given instructions and rules for submitting the article on the topic they gave us.

The topic was related to administrative and constitutional law. A WhatsApp group was formed to facilitate the exchange of assignments.

One of the highlights of the first day was when our mentor invited us to a Google meeting and communicated with us really nicely.

It was a laid-back and engaging experience. The only disappointment was that only three of the ten pupils in the batch attended the meet.

To be truthful, this led to an unfavorable impression of the intern who was joining me in this online internship.

Though the person mentoring us sought to get a frank conversation from us truly pleased me.

And indeed, the lack of other people gave me the opportunity to talk more, mentioning this because I am a really reserved person.

Main Tasks

Legal study and writing in the field of constitutional and administrative law were part of the internship.

We were given eight tasks to accomplish each over the course of three days.

What I liked about our work is that it was reviewed using a variety of criteria, which conveyed to us where we were weak in our writing.

Work Environment

As I indicated in the first day’s summary, the interns were not particularly engaging with one another or with the mentor.

Though I did my best to present it from my perspective – by asking questions and highlighting my concerns about the feedback they had to offer.

The one event I’d like to highlight here is that when we submitted our first job, thankfully and with my enthusiastic work, I scored the best.

And I appreciate that one of the low scores approached me personally and requested me to give my article to him for reference purposes.

It was truly my pleasure, and I felt so good at the moment.

Good Things

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of good things is the formal procedure that was followed during the internship, whether it was the meeting, the application process, or the exchanging of links for submission and material for study.

I hope that such work will reach new heights in the future.

Their feedback on our submissions was quite helpful in improving the specific areas where we were deficient.

Kudos to our mentor, Vinayak Bhatia sir, who was really helpful with the issues I had throughout my internship.

They did not start assigning us difficult tasks right away. For me, it began with the fundamentals of the Indian Constitution (12 schedules) and ended with the ‘Non-Disclosure Agreement.’

Needless to say, the internship was a valuable learning experience that taught me the value of timeliness and working under pressure.

I am grateful to the journal and its staff for providing me with this fantastic chance.

Bad Things

The negative aspect would be the less engaging interns, who reduced the internship to simply being an internship, a tiresome internship.

Another, not so horrible, the thing was the one-day delay in allocating tasks.

The assignment of tasks had been one day late from the specified dates since the very first task.



Details about accommodation and commute

The internship was an online internship.

Anything else?

Now I am looking for a new internship here on Lawctopus and doing this internship made me realize my passion for research and writing.

This kind of internship always inspires me to read and know more and more about a specific topic and it teaches us that how wide even a single topic under the legal arena can be.


BNWJ-0921-010.pdf_Signed (1)

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