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Online Internship Experience at the Chamber of Adv. Rajiv Joshi: Valuable Guidance

LSAT - Discover Law
LSAT - Discover Law

Name of the Student, College, Year of Study

Parul, 4rth year and Banasthali Vidyapith University

Name and Full Address of the Organization

Chamber of Advocate Rajiv Joshi, Punjab and Haryana High Court

Duration of Internship

I had started interning around 17th of December, 2020 and I left the chamber at Feb 28, 2021.

How did you Apply?

 I had applied by sending my CV to his mail id, which I got from his Linkedln profile. 

First Day Formalities

First, I would like to clear that this was my Online Internship. 

My first impression was little low, as earlier also the internship tasks were related to Article writing. From the day 1st, we were added in a whatsapp group. So, my first impression was that, this internship would also focus on Article writing. 

But, here comes the twist. God has actually planned something good for me, by way of this Internship. My 1st task was to draft a Consumer Grievance notice. I drafted it and sent it to sir. The appreciable thing about this internship is that “You get feedback here”! A person get to know about his mistakes.

Till now, I have interned at few firms, But I never found any internship in which your recruiter would give you feedback for all your tasks, and instruct and guide you about how to do it. 

After my 1st task, I was assigned another task it was related to Caveat emptor. And after that there were lots of Tasks which included drafting of petition, notices etc. this internship would be a great experience for all those students who want to adopt Litigation as their Career. Sir, mainly deals in Civil, Criminal and Service matters. 

Though I had applied in an online mode, due to Lockdown issue, But those who are in Chandigarh can definitely try going to office and can request sir for an offline internship at his chambers.

Work Environment

The work environment and all the people were best. All the co-interns were very helpful. My co-intern Satyam had helped me in drafting Legal Notice. In fact, I would say all the Co-interns and Sir were very co-operative and helpful. Every important announcement used to be at the whats app group. 

The main thing, which no one knew is that Sir has made another group wherein, he teach all his interested Students, different Subject- as requested by the student himself. As my duration for internship was from December to February. I got to hear useful practical aspects of CPC and IPC. Isn’t it great and a wonder that an advocate of High court of Punjab and Haryana who remains busy in his work, who has to manage his child, his family and he is also supporting Interns? 

The way sir handle all his interns was commendable. Sir used to wake up at 5 a.m and whenever I had sent my task to him, he used to reply me in morning. And here lies the difference between other recruiter and Sir.

He always give his Interns, the best of his time.

Good Things

1st you will not be burdened. Sir just want his interns to learn and grow. 

2nd, you will get feedback from your recruiter. 

3rd, you will get to know about Research and drafting.

4rth, You will get an opportunity to interact and attend his classes wherein he makes every intern understand the subject and solves query also.


I want to mention that this was my 1st internship where I got to learn both Research and Drafting. This was my only internship, which changed my perspective of doing and seeing things. Though there is no stipend available. But I am of the view that o one should run after stipend. Because once, you start thinking about Money, you will not be able to focus on learning.

And here at Rajiv Joshi chamber, I got to learn the most important thing of my life that Do money really matters for me? Or the efforts matters? And here I came to realize that one should always respect his mentor, his recruiter from whom he learnt so much, from whom his career changed in a positive direction. 

The lectures delivered by sir, The feedback given by sir is more important for me than any stipend.

Anything Else

Best thing about Sir and Internship:

Even after sir busy schedule, Sir used to solve our queries. At one instance, I had requested him to conduct a Moot competition at his chambers. Because I had not done Moot. And, he replied yes. I would like my readers to ask that who will consider all your requests? You want a moot, sir will organize it, you want to study IPC, evidence, sir will teach you. But what you want? What more a student wants.

Tis would be my best online internship wherein I worked for 3 months, though not at all day, I was working, I was chilling sometimes, but I got to learn may things. This internship at helped me a lot in uplifting my career.

I would recommend this internship to every student who want to pursue his career in Litigation in Civil and Criminal matters. You will definitely get to learn lot of things. Sir is always ready to help his interns at all points. Because he consider this as his duty to teach all students whatever he had learnt in his career.

I pray for his good health and for all my readers, definitely try your hand at this internship.

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