Online Internship Experience at Truth and Youth: Content Writing

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Name of the Student, College, Year of Study

Aanice Tressa Thomas, 2019-24, Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur

Name A\and Full Address of the Organization

Truth and Youth


June 21 2021- July 21 2020

Internship Experience

College would’ve been fun and it was! Although it was only for a year, all in vain, we’re now stuck at home. The best part was when we had to do internships, I felt like an actual employee of the company and my greediness on working increased day by day, I somehow wanted to continue working if that was ever possible, but then this pandemic struck down and everything was a mess, moreover I myself felt like a mess.

Classes continued as it is, the only difference was it was imprinted on screens now. Students did whatever they wanted, I not an exception to this. This made me even lazier for days and for months.

But one fine day this thought came into my mind, what if? What if the pandemic never gets over and your laziness just takes over you? Would you be able to work considering your condition now? Why not just intern even now, just to make you distracted? Just to get the experience? So that you won’t regret.

And that is exactly what I did. I found myself very lost the first time when I wanted to find myself a job as an intern. Even though I am a Law student, I still wanted to try other fields, something that I fancied. So I applied for a content writer at an online art website and I got it! Since it was the first time I felt nervous but at the same time excited. 

There I found myself doing my first online internship, and oh boy it was a rocky ride. Nothing was as expected, I mean sure I tried doing my best, but it somehow didn’t satisfy me. So I calmed myself down again and tried to fix whatever the problem was. 

Problems I Faced

Style of work

The style of work which I had to handle from this first online internship was in fact a challenge, especially since everything had to be done online. This internship mostly dealt with SEO based articles and it was the first time I ever worked on articles of that kind.

Adapting to learning

I was given pdfs and other links to study first before I could take up an assignment, learning first hand only through pdfs was another hurdle to face. I had no other method to learn and just went through the written down notes.


Although there was online communication done via apps like Gmail, slack etc., it still did not suffice my doubts, so doubts just stayed as doubts in my head. No matter how simplified the work was I still had my own sets of trouble.

Handling pressure

Even though the internship helped me in every way possible, I still created situations where I made mistakes, so handling such kind of pressure was something new to me. I hated getting into trouble but online internship made me fall into situations like those very frequently.

How I Finally Handled Them

Although online internships are still challenging, it can still be fun and relaxing at the same time. At first, yes most of you might get flabbergasted, but then as days pass by, make sure you get comfortable, there are be numerous ways;


Keep on reading sources, not only the materials they provide you but additional materials for further understanding of a topic that you might’ve never come across.

Keep an open mind

Always make sure you keep on asking doubts, however silly or serious they may be, the ones who hired you would’ve hired you for your amazing capabilities, so to perform with the best of your abilities make sure you ask doubts and solve them then and there. I am confident your superiors would be more than happy to solve your doubts and they will have an assurance that you’re trying to learn and act accordingly.

Accepting yourself

Make sure you tell yourself that you only a human in the end, accepting how imperfect and how talented you are at the same time will be of great use. By knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you can learn to improve yourself. Make sure you set limits and never to overdo any task.

Staying active

Nobody’s there to inspect on you since this is all a work at home internship, so you might face a lot of internal conflicts. Sleepiness and laziness might overtake you, but make sure you stay on track and be faithful to yourself. Walk around your house, drink lots and lots of water and maintain a healthy diet.

After the first online internship I applied into, it sure made me learn many things that I needed to bring when applying in future. I have successfully completed that particular internship on a happy note and am doing another one! I am now currently working in a legal journal website and I have never been more satisfied.

Now as law students, especially for 2nd years and 3rd years, we are at a step where we know things and at the same time don’t know as well. So, therefore, taking in online internships would be challenging for you. But fear not, they are a bit more time restricted as compared to the other internships you might’ve done before.

I currently work for a legal journal website and at first I was a bit confused, but my superiors made sure all of us stayed at the right track, correcting our mistakes and even complimenting for what we have done. Here I am, writing case briefs and I am satisfied with my accomplishments. I am also currently working on a project which will help in my future. 

Make sure when taking up legal internships; be true to the superiors you are working for. By doing so, they will know what to give you based on your capabilities and make sure you do the best.

I hope you might also experience the same, and I also wish you the very best. Try to make use of every little time you have, never to regret later.


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