Online Internship Experience at Trans India Law Associates, New Delhi: Drafting Work and Research Work

Name, College, Year of Study

Akshita Sodhi, Fifth year, Lloyd law College, Greater Noida.

Name of the Organisation and Address

Trans India Law Associates (TILA), Delhi

Duration of Internship

1st January 2021- 1st February 2021 (Virtual).

How did you apply for this Internship?

I applied by sending my CV along with a cover letter on the e-mail of their HRD department.

First-day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression

I have worked with the south Indian office of TILA, situated at Hubbali, Karnataka. On my first day, I was given research work related to Parsi law. and succession act.  I personally believe that the First impression is the last impression and the first impression of the firm is really good. All the interns are explained about their reporting and packing up time through the mail and WhatsApp itself. There is a separate WhatsApp group created for the interns where we need to mark our presence every day along with our work status.

Main Tasks

I had worked in diverse fields of law during this internship, from Family laws, Co-operate laws, Property disputes to the power sector, I have gained an umbrella experience of everything excluding just criminal laws. The research work and drafting work given to interns during the internship is in itself sufficient to improve their knowledge in diverse fields. Sometimes we are also given work for preparing modules for their online courses.

Good Things

The best part of the internship is that they don’t overburden interns with plenty of work and also they don’t let you sit idle without any work. So, one gets enough of work without any overburden. Also, the other best part of this internship was my Mentor, Associate Advocate – ‘Shraddha Momaya’ ma’am. Ma’am always treat interns in a very kind and humble manner. This internship has helped me out to gain my lost confidence which was lost somewhere due to a worst previous internship experience. Mentors play a major role in one’s growth and downfall during an internship, if you got a good mentor during an internship who always talks to you in a humble manner, then believe me it’s a blessing, which is indeed there for me during this internship.

Bad Things

I didn’t find anything bad during my Internship.

Stipend (if any)


Accommodation, Commuting to Office

This was a virtual internship, so one can easily work at the comfort of their home.

Anything Else, What You Did to Chill Out, Lessons Learnt etc.

I would suggest everyone to do as much as an internship as one can during this virtual internship trend as the best part of virtual internships is that your employers can’t give you clerical work to do which are often given to interns during physical internships such as to arrange the files, to make the index, to bring paper from the printer and many more, also you don’t need to spend your money in traveling during virtual Internship. Also, if you are working till late during virtual internships, you need not worry about whether you shall be getting the cab/metro or not and can easily focus on your work.

So, if you are getting a virtual internship offer from a reputed firm, go for it.

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