Online Internship Experience at The Amikus Qriae Law Firm: Diverse Work and Mentorship


Name of the Intern, Year of Study, College

Anamika Gupta, 4th year, Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan. 

Name of the Organization and Its Full Address

The Amikus Qriae Law Firm, A-601/Type 4 Qtrs, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Sector 16 C, Dwarka, Delhi, 110078 under the Supervision of Founder “Rupam Banerjee” and honorary board member “Wasim Beg” partner at L&L Law offices and Former Additional Advocate General of Jammu and Kashmir. 

Duration of Internship

4th January, 2021 to 4th February, 2021 (1 month). 

Application Process 

I came to know about this internship through my college and applied for the internship by emailing my resume at college mail Id. I received a confirmation within three weeks which was followed by a telephonic conversation with sir.

While others can apply by mailing their resumes to the firm’s email at

About the Organization 

The Amikus Qriae is a legal platform providing virtual internships to the law students aiming to enhance their knowledge and providing interns with an indigenous understanding and oriented them with various field of law. The Amikus Qriae targets at providing significant beneficence to contemporary legal issues and developments in the filed of law. 

An internship is an activity or program provided by an organisation for certain period of time. Through internships, one can know their area of interest. By this internship, I got to know the practical aspect of legal field, and analyse through practical aspect what we have taught in the classroom lectures and got the professional approach towards legal research.

Internships help the students to have understanding of legal field which one is not supposed to learn during the studies. The below is my virtual internship experience which was excellent in terms of learning practical aspects of law and contemporary legal issues. 

First Day Formalities, Infrastructure and First Impression 

This was an internship at online platform. On the very first day of the internship, all the interns were asked to add themselves in the WhatsApp group through the link provided via mail and asked to introduce ourselves in the group with name, college name, area of interest, year of study. 

The internship then started with a orientation meeting on google meet with all the interns which is organised by the internship officer himself. All the interns introduced themselves and got to formally interact with each other. The interns thereafter familiarized with their working procedure and duties along with the working schedules. 

There was no fixed hours of working however, one need to go through the deadlines of the task provided. The task usually provided on weekly basis. Each intern was given access to a google Drive where they need to attach their finished task before the deadline. Moreover, if one fails to complete the task on time, they can ask for extension with sufficient reason. All the interns were free to chose the work of their interest. If one still gets confused, the member staff always ready to assist them. 

Formalities: All the interns were required to maintain a worksheet. They need to join the meetings, webinars etc. hosted by eminent legal personalities on time where they are required to maintain the decorum. 

Work Environment 

The principal officers and other members of the organization was very helpful and co-operative. They were highly professional. The working throughout the internship was overwhelming and member staff was very zealous. Interns were allowed to approach them at any time and they were always ready to assist interns.

The working environment was very much motivating and inspiring. The interns were provided with task of their choice, which made us motivate to work. There were no fixed working hours, one can work as per their wish however, required to submit the task before deadline. 

If an intern does an extra work, always get appreciated by the principal officer. Overall the experience was outstanding which will surely help me in my future career path and at academics as well. I am grateful to Rupam sir, for showing me path at every step during the course of my internship. 

Main Tasks and Experience 

My internship experience was cordial one. During the course of this internship, I went through the following tasks: 

  • Legal research and writing articles 
  • Briefing of landmark judgments 
  • Judgment writing
  • Drafting and Filing RTI 
  • PPT along with Video making 
  • Attending webinars and sessions conducted by legal personalities 

Legal research and writing articles 

The interns were required to research on current issues related to criminal law, civil law, Juvenile justice law and many more. Apart from legal research on current issues, the interns were asked to write articles on contemporary legal issues. However, they have been provided with liberty to chose the topic themselves. I wrote articles on following heads that are ‘Covid-19 and our legal rights in quarantine Marital Rape, and Juvenile Delinquency’ which got published and this boosted up my confidence at higher level. 

Briefing of landmark judgments 

The interns from time to time were asked to research on legal precedents, landmark judgments of Supreme Court and various High courts. Thereafter, required to prepare case briefs of the same. By this, I learnt and observed various judgments which will help me in my future and also enhanced my knowledge in diverse fields of law. I got into professional viewpoint of writing case briefs. 

Judgment writing

A session was conducted by the principal officer, where they familiarized the interns how to write a judgment writing. We got to know the procedure of both civil and criminal cases judgment writing. The interns were provided with format of the same in PPT format which made the task easier.

Thereafter, the interns were provided with a problem, and asked to write judgment. Through this task, I came to know how the cases are summarised in the judgments and that the judgment should not be arbitrary and must follow the principles of natural justice. Moreover, while writing a judgment one must remember to mention basic legal principles of law and the knowledge and logical reasoning behind passing the judgment should not be contradictory in nature. 

Drafting and Filing RTI 

Before filing of RTI, a session was organised by the member staff “Sakshi Sonker ma’am” where they oriented the interns about how to file an RTI. We have been given with certain links and PPT to understand it’s procedure thoroughly. Thereafter, the interns were provided with the subject lines of filing RTI in the group itself and were asked to chose any of the subject given and file an RTI either online or offline.

I filed RTI on “RTI applications to file RTIs with the FICCI’. Please provide all minutes of meetings with representatives from the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Confederation of Indian Industry from May 2020 till date”. We came to know the procedure of filing RTI both online and offline. 

PPT along with Video making 

The interns were asked to prepare PPTs along with video making on contemporary legal issues or on any legal topic. I, myself prepared videos on several topics such as, “An exception to marital rape: a curse to women, Relationship between Fundamental rights and Directive Principles of State Policy with case laws and amendments, and Lifting of Corporate Veil”. With this task, my knowledge is enhanced. Further, my skills with PowerPoint also reached high. 

Attending webinars conducted by legal personalities 

Moreover, various webinars were also organised by the team of The Amikus Qriae for enhancing the legal knowledge of interns and to introduce them with eminent personalities of legal field.

Several webinars such as the following were conducted. This was mandatory for all the interns to join the webinars timely. 

  • Cross border related party transaction by Rohan Batra, Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India
  • BCI stand on three years of eligibility of for recruitment of judges: pros and cons by Advocate Rahul Tiwari, Delhi High Court,
  • Rule of law and Supreme Court of India by former CJI KG Balakrishnan and Justice SN Dhingra, former judge of Delhi High Court, and
  • Impact of COVID-19 on Indian judicial system by former Union law secretary PK Malhotra

I have learnt about different laws which we were not supposed to explore during the studies of classrooms and also able to improve my communication skills. Such eminent personalities used to acknowledge us that how the law is interconnected with society and development of the country. 

Hence, the tasks given consist of large variety of areas and all the interns were allotted with the work as per their area of interest.


No stipend was provided in terms of money. However, got up most respect, suggestions and appreciation by principal officer which was much more than cash prize. 


Throughout the period of my internship, I was guided and suggested by Rupam sir which surely will help me making my career. He gave feedback of the work submitted and his overwhelming knowledge and suggestions in the area of law can be a source of opportunity for anyone.

Good Things

Personally, the experience of this internship was insightful. I observed the things practically as a professional. The sessions were conducted by the officers time to time for the interns where they used to resolve their doubts. Interns can contact anytime with the member staff which makes the completion of internship easier and comfortable.

The tasks submitted were reviewed by the principal officer and all the interns get the feedback which helped me enhancing my skills of legal research. Overall, it was a great and outstanding learning experience. 


  • Certificate of completion of internship 
  • Free publication opportunity and publication certificates for the same 
  • Interactive sessions and webinars by eminent legal personalities 
  • Participation certificates of various webinars 
  • Exposure to the contemporary legal issues 
  • Observation of theoretical concepts in practical aspect. 

Bad Things

There was no bad thing as such. Sometime, only the problem arose at the time of sessions due to network issues. 

Accommodation, Commute to the Office

The mode of internship was online, hence no accommodation was required. 

Basic Requirements for the Internship

  • A laptop
  • Basic knowledge of legal research
  • Must be good in writing legal articles 
  • Must be keen to have various task 
  • Must be acquainted with MS word, PowerPoint. 

Personal Experience and Lessons Learnt 

Through my personal observation, I experienced that dedication towards the work makes an ever lasting impression over others by which one can get benefit. I got to learn about the professional approach towards legal research and writing articles. Through the sessions and webinars conducted, I used to learn the significant lessons of life as well as of wide area of legal field. I learnt that one must be keen towards legal research and must be clear with the viewpoints. 

The Firm generally deals with contemporary legal issues and landmark judgments, by which I experienced must exposure in diverse legal fields which I required to enhance my career. The journey of entire internship was remarkable. I learnt number of things through the sessions and webinars conducted by eminent legal personalities.

I experienced that one can get success by the combination of hard work and smart work. I learnt that one’s work will be get appreciated only when one is constantly punctual and hard working. 

Moreover, I got to have good understanding of legal research, was able to enhance my skills in MS word, PowerPoint etc. I learnt and developed the ability to work in a team, enhanced my communication skills, build networks etc. 

Last Day Formalities 

At the end of the internship, interns were provided with a link in the whatsApp group itself where they were asked to give their reviews and opinions about the completion of internship. A session was conducted where all the interns got appreciated for their valuable work and cooperation with the team of The Amikus Qriae. Thereafter, we were provided with our internship certificates via mail. 

Therefore, throughout this internship I learnt a lot, Rupam sir was perfect mentor for me as I found his guidance and support at every step. 

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