Online Internship Experience at Sr. Adv. Ms. Aishwarya Bhati, Additional Solicitor General of India: Great Learning Experience

Name, College, Year of study of the Student Intern

Name of the Organisation Where you Interned and its Full Address

Chambers of Sr. Adv Ms. Aishwarya Bhati, Additional Solicitor General of India, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi.

Duration of the Internship

March 1st- March 31st, 2021

Application Procedure

Send your internship application, along with your CV to, the candidates are shortlisted for a telephonic interview.

Office Timings

No fixed timings.

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

Keeping in view the prevailing situation due to the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19), it was an Online Internship.

On the first day, I was added to the Interns Whatsapp Group, and was asked to brief Aishwarya Ma’am in the famous Uphaar Fire Tragedy Case by an Associate Lawyer. I was excited since it was the first time I interacted with Aishwarya Ma’am. The meetings were usually held through Video Conferencing. I was really overwhelmed when my work was appreciated by Aishwarya Ma’am, I was overjoyed when I received messages from my co-interns and the associate lawyer about my briefing.

Aishwarya Ma’am is really an inspiration. I am glad and consider myself lucky that I got this opportunity to work at the office of the Additional Solicitor General.

Main tasks

During the internship, I had an opportunity to assist in matters associated with the field of Constitutional Law and Criminal Law and got an opportunity to assist in Landmark Cases, like Uphaar Fire Tragedy, Manipur Encounters, Migrant Crisis, UP Panchayat Polls Case and etc. The main tasks included Drafting & Research work.

Work environment

The work environment is really very encouraging, positive, inspiring and motivating. The associates are approachable and always ready to help the interns. The co-interns were co-operative.

The environment is such that it motivates and encourages you to involve yourself as much as possible with the work.

As i mentioned there were no fixed working hours and you are supposed to adhere to the deadlines. But at the end every extra effort is worth putting.

The extra effort and hard work never goes in vain and never remains unnoticed.

I am really grateful to Aishwarya Bhati Ma’am , Manvendra Sir for giving me this opportunity and Manisha Chava Ma’am for guiding me and making this internship experience worth sharing.

Good things and bad things

An unforgettable and a great learning experience for someone interested in Constitutional and Criminal Law. Also despite the busy work schedule, Aishwarya ma’am still managed to interact with the interns regularly. The interns are given a responsible position and are supposed to perform like a professional. Trust me nothing feels better than your work and extra effort getting appreciated by the seniors.

Stipend (if any)

No stipend but indeed a great learning experience.

Key Takeaways from my personal experience

Previously I have Interned at the Chambers of Adv Ashwani Kumar Dubey, Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India, Chambers of Adv Jayant Bhatt, Supreme Court of India, Rajkotia Associates, a leading divorce law firm in India under the guidance/ tutelage of Malavika Rajkotia, Judicial Internship at the Jammu & Kashmir High Court and at the Chambers of Sr. Adv Rebecca Mammen John, renowned criminal defense lawyer and have also secured an Internship under a renowned lawyer.

But I can’t forget to mention the internship which laid the foundation for all the above mentioned ones, my first internship at the District & Sessions Court, Pathankot.

For the ones reading this post can find that post of mine on Lawctopus titled ‘Internship experience, Adv. Racchpal S. Thakur, Pathankot. Few months back I visited the office after a long time and I was so overwhelmed after meeting everyone in the office and I could sense the proud feeling there.

Coming from a Non-law Background and being a Non-NLU student, also coming from a science background and later switching to law ( that i never thought), and considering myself as an Accidental Law Student, the initial days were really tough. I had no one to guide me, but the only thing I had in my mind was to keep moving forward and work hard and leave no opportunity.

Connections do play an important role, but I personally had no connections initially and till date never asked anyone for favors regarding internships.

And I can proudly say this that whatever internships i have secured were without any connections.

After coming across numerous posts of law students on LinkedIn interning at top tier law firms, I feel more motivated and inspired. Appreciating someone does not make you inferior, and your value doesn’t depreciate but by doing so we can boost their desire to do more good.

Let your hard work, your knowledge define who you are and not your family background, connections and the law school you are studying in.

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  1. On the First day I had to submit few documents, about which I was informed in advance via email. Then I had a brief round of introduction with one of the partners. He gave me an insight into the areas in which the firm operates. Then I was introduced to one of the associates working there, who acquainted me with the basics of mortgages and relevant laws pertaining thereto. Overall, the atmosphere was welcoming.