Online Internship Experience at Ravi Gakhar Law Office: Good Work and A Great Mentor

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Name of the Student, College, Year of Study 

Anubhav Sharma, 1 Year, Jamia Millia Islamia

Name and Full Address of the Organization 

Ravi Gakhar Law Office, Room No. 2, New Bar Complex, Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh

Duration of Internship 

June 1, 2021- June 30, 2021

Mode of Internship


Internship Experience

Entering the first year of a law school, there is a rat race for doing internships as many as possible. Though I didn’t like that culture, being a part of it, I also intern in 4 places during my first year. When all this hustle was going on, I saw an internship opportunity in Ravi Gakhar Law Office on LinkedIn but this internship even though in online mode proved to be a life-changing experience for me.

Right from the team spirit to pragmatic aspects of legal field and to self development, I learned many pivotal things necessary for the development of a law student and realised not to be a part of that rat race and focus on only learning. When I came across this opportunity, I search about Ravi Gakhar Sir and came to know that he is a very reputed lawyer in High Court of Punjab. But such high profile internships must be reserved for fourth and fifth year law student, I wonder. 

But wait… I checked the qualification criteria for the internship and found that even a first year law student can apply for it. I was elated after seeing that and immediately applied for it. After that we were added to a whatsapp group and an interview was scheduled for the selection. An interview?

But I’m only a first year law student having arrived in law school in midst of the pandemic and didn’t have learnt much about the law yet, so how can I give an interview, I wondered. But still I decided to give it a shot. Fortunately, the interview was not about the knowledge of various laws, it was a general interview for checking the personality and attitude towards learning and work and I was able to clear it. 

First Day Formalities, Impressions

An introductory session before the internship was held in which we all introduced ourselves and get acquainted with each other. In the introductory session itself we were told to act like a team and always take stand for our team members even if we have to go against the Ravi Sir. I still remember he told us that during this internship, our first priority should be our team, then our team members and then we ourselves.

Now, Ravi Sir want to discuss the timings of our batch. But we encountered a huge problem. Some of our batch mates have college classes from 8:00 AM-3:00 PM. Some even have their classes extended till 5 PM and I myself have my classes till 6 PM. So, what should be the timings, we all wondered?

Sir suggested 5 PM timings and said some students have to sacrifice but we all stood against him like a team and told him that these timings are not good as some students will suffer a substantial amount of loss in their studies as they have to skip their college classes. So, Sir suggested removing those students who have that problem but again we all stood against him and took a stand for our team members.

Then Ravi Sir told us that he was really elated to see unity like this and he was just bluffing to see if we really can take stand for our team members and can we fight against him for our team members. So, it was just a test to check our unity and bond and Sir told us that he will take session at time which is suitable to all the interns even if he have to take it at 10’o clock in night. He just wanted to see us stand like a team.

So, finally our batch timings were decided i.e. 6’o clock. Even before starting the internship we learnt an imperative lesson of team work and unity. During the internship also he often tried to instigate us. When some of our team members didn’t join on time due to some issues, he bluff us by saying that we should start without them and we all used to take stand for that team member and used to convince sir to wait till that member came.

Main Tasks

So, our internship finally began. It was a one month internship programme with sessions of 2.5-3hr each day. The sessions are replete with practical knowledge of legal world. This internship helped me in developing my legal acumen i.e. how to look at a particular thing as a legal professional.

To excel in this field, I believe that your basics has to be clear and this internship aid me in developing a basic but a clear understanding regarding various aspects like FIR, petition, legal notice, drafting, etc. Even when the sessions goes for more than three hours, Sir manages to grasp our undivided attention by promoting healthy debates and answer our queries even when he got exhausted with patience.

Other pragmatic and impeccable skills like how to handle the client, how to behave during court proceedings, and communication building are also taught to us. Sir especially emphasise on our communication skills and encourage us to put forward our views regarding various matters. He often shared his case’s file with us and seeks our opinion on that matter one by one by calling our names.

He told us that as we are in first year and we doesn’t have any knowledge of law, we shouldn’t be afraid of speaking wrong, he just want us to speak and put forward our opinions. He often gave us some tips of how we can articulate our views better and it really helped a lot. I myself have experienced a great improvement in my speaking skills. 

All the days of our internship were systematically planned and were very interactive. The best thing about this internship is that Sir has kept only 20 people in a batch to keep the sessions interactive. How to behave in a court, how to present our arguments and what legal profession signifies along with theoretical and practical aspects of law, we were taught all about these.

We also attended live case proceedings and got to know about various other pragmatic things. So, it was like first we used to give our opinions on the case given us by Sir and the next day we used to attend the live case proceedings of that case. This enhance our understanding and we got to know about even the meagre things and mistakes that one can make. This internship also focused on our personality development as a legal professional. We came to know about the legal ethics.

Once, Sir asked us if a case of the notorious Ajmal Kasab come to us, would we represent him in the court or not? Most of us denied the same arguing the severity of the crimes he had committed.  Then Sir, enlightened us that we are nobody to decide whether a person is guilty or not. The court is there to decide the same and as an advocate it is our duty to represent any person who comes to us seeking legal aid in court.

He told us that in these types of notorious cases, the whole world is watching our legal system. If every lawyer denies to represent him in court and if we convict him without hearing his views, what will the other nations think of our judicial system. They will view it as a fragile system in which an accused didn’t even have an opportunity to represent him and this will harm our country’s reputation.

We were also endowed with the knowledge that how the media is influencing our legal mind and how should we avoid it. During the internship, Sir was endowed with the responsibility of drafting a contract by one of his client and sir used that opportunity to motivate us. He told us to try to draft the same and if he liked it, he will forward it to the client and the whole fees of the same will be forwarded to that intern that from the client itself.

Sir also organised a 3 hr long session especially for us to taught us how to draft a contract. Some of the contracts prepared by the interns were liked by Sir and he forwarded the same to his client. And one of our batch mates received the fees of it. It was really very encouraging. During the internship, Sir often used to share his personal experience regarding various issues that young lawyers face. They were very insightful and we learned a lot from it. 


  • Internship Certificate
  • Letter of Appreciation
  • Learnt documentation
  • Understanding of practical aspects of legal field
  • Learnt about Legal Notice, FIR, Petition and drafting
  • Communication skills enhancement
  • Personality Development

Stipend (If Any)

No stipend available

Basic Requirements for the Internship

  • A Diary with pen to note the important points
  • Phone/Laptop (as it was an online internship)
  • Zeal to learn new things and to improve
  • Team spirit

Last Day Formalities

Till the end of this internship, I have realised that doing internships just for a certificate isn’t worth anything. Rather we should focus on learning. The credit goes to Ravi Sir. He personally helped everyone in setting their career objectives and devised a separate plan to each of us to achieve it.

On the last day of the internship, Sir asked us about their opinions regarding the internship and he open hearted asked us to give suggestions of improving it if any. Everyone was very sad as it was the last day of the internship. We almost cry out. In this one month, we have become almost like a family.

Sir also gave his personal feedback to each of us and highlights our strengths and weaknesses and especially devised some tips to overcome them. We all requested Sir to not to dissolve our internship group as we all want to stay connected with our contemporaries. He agreed and even today we all used to share our achievements on our internship group and everyone enjoys each other’s success.

It was much more than an internship for us, and perhaps for most of us it was a life changing experience.

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