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About the Organisation

Legalxpo is an online website which posts blogs, articles, essays and news headlines on a daily basis.

Student Name, College and Year of Study

Jyotika Aggarwal, Army Institute of Law, Mohali, 5th Year


01st November 2018 to 27th November 2018

Application Process

Being a law student, and into the second year, I observed that there are some qualities that a law professional must have liking writing, researching and mooting. Having nil experience in writing, a quality that must be endorsed by all law students, I was determined to look for an online internship which would give me appropriate practice and get my hands working in tune with good results.

The only article that I had ever written before was for my college magazine, that too on the topic “Black Magic”, wherein I merely threw light on the legal aspect of it. I was utterly disconnected from the world of law and its importance in our lives.

With some help from fellow students, I came across the online internship portal named Internshala. The website very conveniently helped me chalk out a profile reflecting my experiences and working desires. This was followed by me stumbling upon Legalxpo, which turned out to be the most suitable working platform for me.

I filled their application form after which I received a demand for a sample article to basically test my writing acumen. I was instructed to write on the topic “Adultery: No more a criminal offence” and fortunately I made the cut. Thereafter, I received the confirmation mail and my internship began a few days later.

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

This internship toppled my life upside down. The reason for me taking up the internship was fear of being left behind in the rat race plus a feeling that I wasn’t doing anything substantial with my life! There was once a time when I was always available for parties, and then there came the time when I couldn’t even find some “me time”. But I liked it.

It was important to learn what being busy and making progress meant. Before joining Legalxpo, I was oblivious to real-time management. To pen down two articles of 600 to 700 words each every day is not as easy as it sounds. It requires time, concentration, energy and dedication.

The word “deadline” soon became the death of me and that month gave me a hard time. Concluding this task every day was a battle in itself, which uplifted my threshold limit to a level much higher than before, over the month.

Main Tasks

I applied in the one-month duration segment of Legalxpo, in which I was required to submit two articles on a daily basis in observance with certain instructions involving a deadline, word limit, preferred font, etc. It was relieving to get help and assurance from Legalxpo’s team member who guided us on call first and then through social media.

I would get two news-related topics every day which has greatly inculcated in me the habit of keeping in touch with the newspaper and has also developed my interest in legal and political matters.

It no more feels like a cumbersome task to remain in contact with the legal world, on the other hand, this internship has helped me to appreciate the vastness as well as the depth of the world of law. They say “knowledge is power”, the significance of which is very much visible to me now and no more am I lax about gaining some more.

One prominent incident that I would like to share is the time when I had taken part in a golf tournament, which was to happen over a period of three days. As soon as I registered there, the physical and mental exhaustion that were to befall me in the upcoming days dawned upon me and all I knew was that I had to pull through somehow.

For almost five days, I was on the golf course for seven hours during the day, burning myself under extreme heat conditions. After every game, where I was supposed to be lying dead on my bed, I used to be up on my table churning out words and content.

It would be an understatement to say that by the end of the tournament, I had reached my mental threshold, had lost control over my temperament and was actually on the verge of an emotional breakdown, but I still managed to get through.

Good Things

My working capacity, my power to focus, my energy levels and sincerity towards valuing time has increased multifold. Moreover, I found my vocabulary and research power in an improved state. Each article had its own taste, from humorous to daunting.

Also, the topics being of several varieties expanded my knowledge. Interning there helped me progress in those areas where earlier, I used to see a weakness.

Bad Things

I did not observe any significant loopholes. The conduct of the organization is one of finesse. The topics that were given every day were quite appropriate as they were sync with our level of knowledge and to how much extent could we understand and register as per the profile we submitted while applying. To conclude, it was overall an enlightening experience to work in Legalxpo.



Accommodation Commute

It was a work from home experience, so all I had to manage was a good internet connection.

Other Info

There was actually no time to chill. But my friends still kept me entertained and helped me take it like a learning experience rather than a burden.

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