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Online Internship Experience at ALG India Law Offices, Delhi: IPR Work, Research and Article Writing, Preparing Case Briefs


Name, College, Year of Study

Priyamvada Singh, 3rd year, Galgotias University

Name of the Organisation and Address

ALG India Law Offices, New Delhi

Duration of Internship

1st January, 2021- 28th January, 2021

How did you apply?

I sent a mail to [email protected] . They are swift in their replies, however, to get an internship it is  advisable to apply at least 5 months in advanced. ALG has recently been ranked amongst the best  law firms of the world in World Trademark Review’s 2021 WTR 1000 Rankings, so the  internships are almost always booked.

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

On the first day, I was told to send my basic information details to the internships department. My  first mentor (Lekha Ma’am) called me and asked me what kind of work I had done prior to this. We  had a little chat about the work required at ALG.

Soon after, we had a conference call “Sharing of Expectations”where all the interns were asked to  introduce themselves, and express what they expected from the internship experience.

At the end of the internship, all the interns were asked to join a video conference “Sharing of  Experience”: where we expressed what our experience there was like, and if there was anything ALG  could better itself on.

Main tasks

The allotment of work to interns at ALG is done keeping in mind their prior experiences and  capabilities. However, this does not mean that the interns are not challenged positively. I was given research and article writing work, along with preparing case briefs.

Work environment

Every week, there are two conference calls where a new topic related to IPR is picked and discussions are made. Interns are encouraged to give their two cents on the matter at hand. These  conferences are very informative and also help in team building. I learnt to speak my thoughts  confidently here, thanks to Aditi Ma’am’s encouragements whenever I said something.

Every two  weeks, the mentor changes. My first mentor was Lekha Ma’am, who was very supportive and respectful, teaching me how to better my work with a lot of patience. I worked on domain hosting,  and various case briefings, etc. After two weeks, I had the opportunity to work for Dishti Ma’am,  whose expertise lied in criminal aspect of IPR offences.

She was very transparent and was available  to give positive or constructive feedback on every work I submitted. She taught me about  WHOISmasking, and NIXI complaint filing, etc. Additionally, hearing Siddharth Sir’s and Pranav Sir’s  opinions on various matters on conferences was a greatly educating experience.

Good things and bad things

Good things: The workspace is very democratic. The criticisms provided are always constructive and  never mean. Instead of scolding the interns when they commit a mistake, the route taken is to ask  the intern how they propose to resolve it.


None, but the experience made up for it.

Accommodation, commuting to office

It was an online internship, due to the COVID pandemic.

Anything else? Like: what you did to chill out, lessons learnt etc.

It is very important to keep a line of communication between your mentor and yourself, since online  experiences sometimes require more of them.

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