Online Internship Experience a Shilp Srajan Sanstha NGO: Legal Research and Writing

Student name, college, and year of study

Anonymous, NLSIU Bangalore, 2nd year

Name of the organization, city, and state

Shilp Srajan Sanstha, an NGO in Jaipur, Rajasthan


15th June 2020 to 16th July 2020.

Application process

I found the internship opportunity in an advertisement posted on my WhatsApp group. Then I had filled the form given in the advertisement. After that, I received the acceptance from the NGO on the number I have provided. We can also apply for the internship by contacting them through their website. After contacting they will ask you to fill the same form for the internship and then you will be notified in the same manner on your number.

First-day formalities

As my internship was online, there was no such first-day difference. I have started working since the very first day of the internship. After acceptance, we had a WhatsApp group and there we all were given a brief intro about the working chart of the NGO and the working field of ours.

Main task

So in the form to apply for internship, we were asked to choose the fields in which we wanted to do our internship and our separate tasks were from them only.

I had chosen the legal research and writing field and given the work according to the same. First I have worked on a petition for free distribution of sanitary pads. I did the research work for this petition. After this, the NGO needed the proposal letter for the shelter home which was drafted by me and my intern mate. After this, the NGO has provided the necessary things to the small children and hence needed a letter to the draft which was also done by me and my intern mate.

Office timing

As the internship was online therefore there was no such role as office timings.


There was no such disadvantage except if one prefers offline over online.


The people were very friendly, and I made new friends there.

It enhanced my research and knowledge in the particular field. However, there was a time cap of every work that was allotted to us but sir was very liberal and had understood our concerns.

To conclude, the whole internship was chill and it was great to work with Shilp Srajan Sanstha.

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