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Online course in transfer pricing

In this article we will tell you about emerging career opportunities in transfer pricing and how
transfer pricing skills can help different kind of professionals in their career.

After that, we will introduce you to one of the most popular courses on transfer pricing: NUJS Certificate Course on Transfer Pricing Laws​.

It is a fully online, geography neutral course that you can access through a computer or smartphone app from anywhere in the world.

Certificate course in Transfer Pricing Laws

National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata (NUJS) has announced the launch of a
new certificate course in Transfer Pricing Laws​.

The aim is to equip different focus groups of people with skillsets in the area of international taxation and transfer pricing, so that they can effectively address challenges of a cross-border business.

Apart from contributing to career opportunities for individuals (and even creating new career opportunities), this is expected to contribute to overall business environment in the country.

Talent deficit and career opportunity in transfer pricing practice

The world is changing faster than ever, and international trade and business has never been as big as it is in the present and it never grew as fast as it is growing now. International
structuring is no longer restricted to large companies only.

As technology makes collaboration easier, more and more businessmen are collaborating internationally.

International tax planning is a crucial element of this exercise.

Businesses are increasingly using platforms such as Facebook, Google and LinkedIn to market themselves or earn from platforms like, Fiverr, 99designs, YouTube or international sales, which adds an international tax element for even much smaller businesses.

It is in fact revolutionary that today a relatively small company, or a startup can begin a business that squarely caters to an international rather than local clientele – and this trend cuts across services, manufacturing and even agricultural sector.

The trend was, of course, started and strengthened by India’s technology industry. What does this mean for accountants, lawyers, compliance professionals and finance executives? Many a career may be made or broken on the basis of the answer to
this question.

Growth forecast of export and import of services and goods involving India, according to OECD, is going to be second biggest in the world in 2017 (the biggest growth is forecasted for Slovak Republic), and the biggest amongst all the major economies (check out yourself from this chart).

This presents a huge opportunity for professionals, managers, consultants and advisors to contribute.

Opportunity for entrepreneurs and businessmen: An entrepreneurial mindset requires a do-it-yourself attitude, and you will notice that many successful entrepreneurs have a
hands-on approach to any problems related to their business, even if they are regulatory or

While they don’t do everything themselves, they invest in their own learning,
so that they can obtain the right direction and make progress on the issues that really matter to their business.

This shows results for the business as they are also able to work effectively with professionals, at prices that are commercially viable for them. Their experience with people is far more effective than others who are not so equipped.

Opportunity for business advisors: Every businessman has some key business advisors whom they consult, trust and assign high-level responsibilities to. These business advisors have historically been very committed and reliable in getting any kind of task done.

They could also be external consultants whom the business owners have consulted for a very long period of time.

If such people acquire new skills, the owners will be very happy to expand their engagement with such people.

If you are in such a position, it makes sense for you to keep acquiring new skills and use them to grow the business further.

This will increase your areas of responsibility and grow your career too. You will be able to request for newer responsibilities, remuneration, position and incentives.

Opportunity for accountants and financial advisors: Traditionally, transfer pricing has been the area of expertise of an elite group of Chartered Accountants only, often those who work in the Big Four or other large CA firms.

The higher education system and professional courses such as law and CA do not adequately teach practical aspects of transfer pricing and international taxation.

This prevents many professionals from taking on matters which have a transfer pricing component, even if there are other non-transfer pricing components.

Chances are that the entire matter then goes to larger firms. What if you could handle those matters effectively?

You can do the matter by yourself or collaborate with an expert, depending on the transaction and your choice. How would it impact your practice?

Opportunity for lawyers working in in-house positions: While lawyers don’t learn transfer pricing in law school, while working as in-house counsels they are required to have a grasp of all areas of law.

They cannot compartmentalize their skills into segments (e.g. corporate, tax, transfer pricing, intellectual property, etc.) and need to have the capacity to look at issues from a combined perspective to enable a holistic structuring and implementation of business operations.

Opportunity for lawyers working in law firms: If you intend to specialise in tax laws, this is a subject you can’t ignore.

Skills on this subject are highly valuable as you will be dealing with foreign clients very frequently, who want to understand tax implications of their global moves.

If you intend to specialize in corporate or intellectual property laws, you should know that lawyers frequently encounter international tax / transfer pricing issues in many global transactions.

They have the option to steer the transaction through these issues by performing the work themselves or refer to an expert, but they cannot take a hands-off approach.

Even if you are someone who does not understand international tax and transfer pricing and wants to restrict yourself to your area of corporate law or intellectual property expertise, you will still need to walk each step with your client and ensure that the involvement of another expert plays out successfully.

If you can’t take full responsibility for steering the transaction, the client may not want to engage with you on such matters.

Thus, there are tremendous opportunities for career growth for tax lawyers, international
trade experts, finance professionals, CXOs and those who plan to take strategic positions at
board level.

The talent deficit in this sectors has never been as high as it is now. There has perhaps never
been a better time to learn international taxation and transfer pricing laws, owing to growing
international trade and increasing industry demand. This will only go up.

What will you learn in this online course on transfer pricing?

– How to structure and identify tax implications for operations of a global business

– How to use and interpret international double tax avoidance treaties and claim benefits

– Allocate tax liability for cross-border transactions efficiently

– When and when not to use tax havens to optimize your tax liability

– Build comfort and ease with understanding tax regimes of multiple jurisdictions.

– Grow your practice in advising MNCs in structuring the global operations of a business to save tax

– How you can resolve disputes effectively in the field of international taxation and deal with tax authorities.

– How to plan complex international transactions in advance to minimize tax uncertainty.

– What falls within the ambit of genuine tax planning and what amounts to tax evasion

How is the course conducted?

The course will be conducted online.

All exams are online as well.

You have to login into a learning management system to study the course.

The best thing is that you can study from anywhere on the go.

Duration of the transfer pricing course

90 days

How is this Transfer Pricing Course Designed?

It is designed to cater to the ever increasing demand of the industry for lawyers, chartered
accountants, company secretaries, finance professionals, businessmen and entrepreneurs,
consultants and self-employed professionals, law students, MBA and BBA students,
engineering students, bankers, investment managers who want to equip themselves with legal and strategic skills around international tax and transfer pricing.

The certification in Transfer Pricing laws has been created after capturing insights and
contribution from an industry-academia panel that consists of top tax litigators, senior
government officers and law firm partners.

To bridge the skill gap that professionals experience, we have been delivering courses
through one of world’s most cutting edge online learning technology, accessible 24×7,
anywhere in the world, delivered on smartphone apps even when you are away from the wi-fi
or mobile network, or the nearest computer screen.

You could study our courses even when you are travelling in a flight, or waiting for a meeting to begin. This unique program also has a resource library of video lectures and focused skill-development exercises.

online course in transfer pricing

Other features of the Transfer Pricing course

Learn anytime and from any location – 24 x 7 access available on mobile and tablet devices
(Android) and on web.

Learning materials comprise of video discussions with experts, animation, study materials,
checklists. Access sample agreements and approval applications.

Those who complete the course successfully will receive certification from NUJS, Kolkata –
certification will be based on performance in an online test.

Course Fee

The course fee is INR 5000. Admissions are open.


To enroll for this online course in transfer pricing click HERE​.

You have to fill an online form and courier it to NUJS Kolkata (address can be found on the
website​) along with two passport size photograph and a recent self attested marksheet.


To understand how this course functions or how it can help you in your career, contact us at
011- 33138901 or mail us at [email protected]


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