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About Legal Saharaa

Legal सहारा is an organisation and a wholehearted initiative by law students in providing legal assistance to those who are in need of it. By fulfilling the requirements, the team envisions to bridge the gap between the common man, often seen unaware of his rights and the complex legal systems in the country, to the lawyers and law of the land.

About the Competition


The Legal सहारा team, in association with the very esteemed Law firms i.e. Magna Peritus and Lex Vid Partners, is conducting an online competition for participants pursuing their degrees at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate level as well as working professionals. This competition aims to seek write-ups by the participants on the scope and merits of introducing the new law, or of amendment to any existing law, in the background of its requirement in the society. For the same the participants are required to submit their papers.

On the basis of the content of the paper, the presentation, as well as the research into the probable success of application the papers, will be marked.

Submission Guidelines

The competition will accept submissions adhering to the particular guidelines.  All submissions must be emailed to saharaa.legalaid99[at] with the subject as ‘Paper Submission – Amend Your Law’ along with declaration to the effect (Signed by the author(s)) that the Paper is an original work of the author(s), and has not been published previously. The participants are also requested to submit a covering letter with all the necessary details, like the Name of the Author, The title of the Submission.

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The Main paper should not have the name of the Author mentioned, failure to adhere to the same may lead to a disqualification, on the discretion of the organisers.

Participant may choose any Codified Code or the Constitution, the participant will have to necessarily incorporate in their papers:

  • Introduction
  • Explanation of Old law
  • Criticism of the Existing law
  • Amendment of the law
  • Grounds on which the law is being amended
  • Conclusion


Submissions are welcomed from students pursuing any undergraduate or any post-graduate student as well as from practitioners, individuals, researchers and working professionals from varied fields.

Requirements/Manuscript Guidelines

  • The submission should be previously unpublished and should be an original submission from the author(s).
  • The submissions for the competition should have a maximum of 2 authors.
  • The submissions should be of a minimum of 1000 words. Note: The word count is exclusive of footnotes.
  • Citations should be included as footnotes in the submissions. Kindly refrain from adding citations as endnotes, the use of endnotes may be penalised in the marking.
  • The citations should be according to the 19th Edition Bluebook.
  • The use of footnotes should be uniform throughout the submission.
  • Use of Speaking/Substantive Footnoting is discouraged. Kindly incorporate these elements in the main body of the submission itself.
  • The formatting guidelines are required to be followed by the author(s). The guidelines are as followed:
  • The Body of the Submission must be in Times New Roman, Font Size:12, and with 1.5 Line Spacing.
  • The main text of the Submission should be justified. Headings may have a centred alignment.
  • The footnotes should be in Times New Roman, Font Size: 10, and with 1.0 Line spacing.
  • The submissions by the author(s) are encouraged to use headings, to separate various parts of the submission for better distinction between various sections. Though this is not a necessary requirement.
  • The submissions should not contain the name of the authors mentioned in the body. The name of the author(s) will be provided in a separate cover letter.
  • The cover letter will contain details of the author(s), including, the Author(s) name, the Author(s) professional or institutional affiliations.
  • The submissions must be sent in one of the following prescribed formats: MS Word (2007 Version or later).
  • The Copyright of the Submissions is vested with the organisers.


  • The competition shall follow a strict no-plagiarism policy. All submissions made by the author will be vetted with relevant plagiarism software in the review process. Any submissions not meeting the criteria may be disqualified, subject to the discretion of the organisers.
  • The submissions not adhering to the requirements mentioned above, maybe rejected, after due consideration by the Editorial Board. The Journal reserves all rights to do the same, and the final decision by the Editorial Board will be binding.
  • There should be strict adherence to the citation style mentioned in the guidelines above. Any departure from the same may result in a penalty on the marking of the submission, the same is at the discretion of the organisers, in a case by case basis.
  • All communication for relevant details and acceptance will be done by organisers with due process and consideration. The contact persons and details will be duly notified to the selected author(s).
  • The communications regarding the acceptance will be made in due time and the co-operation and trust of the author(s) is requested for the same.
  • The headings as mentioned under the Submission guidelines are duly required in each submission. Absence of the same may result in a penalty during the marking.
  • The submissions will be duly coded while the scoring process is undertaken.
  • The marking and review policy is at the discretion of the organisers, the same shall not be changed.


For the Winners

  • 1st Prize: Rs. 1500 + Internship + Merit Certificate + Publication
  • 2nd Prize: Rs. 1000 + Internship + Merit Certificate + Publication
  • 3rd Prize: Rs. 500 + Internship + Merit Certificate + Publication

Top 10 papers

  • Will be uploaded on our WordPress website and shared across the social media handles of The Legal सहारा
  • Merit Certificate by The Legal सहारा
  • Internship opportunity

Participation Certificates will be given to all the participants.


Registration link, CLICK HERE

Registration Amount

Team Consist of 1: Rs. 50/-

Team Consist of 2: Rs. 100/-

The payment of the registration fee can be done using:

PayTM/GooglePay/PhonePay: 9074142455

The Receipt of the payment would be submitted through Registration Link only.

Important Dates

Final Date of Registration: 25th of April 2020

Final Date of Submission: 30th of April 2020


Name: Yash Shrivastava

Phone: (WhatsApp) : 8109230747 and (Call) : 8126651976

Email id: Saharaa.legalaid99[at]

Website link is here.



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