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“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”
                                                                                                         -Frederick Douglass


More than 400,000 street children exist in India. According to census data, there are over 82 lakh child laborers, aged between 5 – 14 years in India.

Figures show that there were about 9,104 trafficked children last year which a whooping a 27% increase from the previous year.  In response to these heart-wrenching realities, it is necessary to take corrective measures.

If we want a better nation we have to assure a safe and dignified future of its children. A failure of the system and lack of opportunities should not cause a kid to lose his/her childhood as well as their basic constitutional rights.

Children are the weakest section of the society and an easy target for various evil activities. So we believe it is always better to nip the evil in the bud.

After Independence, so much could be done to timely curb many serious issues prevalent in the society or at least a plan with timelines could be chalked out and implemented. Unfortunately it did not happen.

Delhi and other states are facing a serious problem begging. Are you aware that child begging is illegal in India yet it is seen everywhere.

We need to come strong to fight against it. All we need is determination and dedication to eradicate such vices one by one. 

A rock-solid support system of our nation will be the children we raise today and only then can we expect a substantial growth in them psychologically and in totality over generations.

But the first and very important step towards that is getting back all of them at par so that they could together be worked on. Child Labour is an evil that has been holding back more than half of the children of our country and that is Horrific.

Our motive at Duayen Foundation is to get as many of them as we can back to a regular life.

Event: OneGoOneImpact 

OneGoOneImpact is a nationwide awareness campaign to make Delhi begging free.

This campaign is scheduled on 14th June, 2017.

Students, volunteers, partners and the general public will be holding a peaceful protest on red lights across India with a motive to make public aware about child rights and related issues. 

The social stigma, outcast, and ignorance have shunned the childhood of these children. An approach to nation building will spike with a little nurturing and attention to these vulnerable children. They are assets of the country too. Our vision is to break this vicious circle of poverty by investing in these children.

Event Link is HERE

Our Approach being that no child begs picks up rags or in the bigger picture becomes slave to someone. It is because their circumstances led them to.

If we can influence the system and direct these children to mainstream schooling, then those regulating this business will be driven out. Statistics of drug abuse in children, child trafficking, and other juvenile-related notorious crimes will lower drastically.

Mandating education vocational or regular is the need of the hour. This will enable clarity of the kind of life they want to choose.

We are bringing together various NGOs, volunteer organizations, FMCGs, MNCs and government bodies to address the child related issues and promote the vision we hold.

“UNIONISING FOR CHANGE” is our motto. We are working towards the day when each child will be free. No one will be subjected to begging, forced labour, trafficking, and abuse.

Atrocities of the society towards these underprivileged kids are such that the law has regarded them unethical and illegal. To overcome these atrocities one and all should take collective actions towards its end.

Our major goals are the likes of

1. Develop Healthy Relationships among them and us,

2. Collective Empowerment,

3. Reaching out to the Kids in Schools,

4. Medical, Psychological and Legal Aid,

5. Safe and Healthy Space,

6. Building Courage among them,

7. Political Knowledge around Rights

8. Capacity Building,

9. Access to Government Schemes.

These will further enable us to BUILD A MOVEMENT by advocating for their four very essential rights, that are Education, Legal Protection, A Dignified Life ad Safe Spaces.

Millions of children across India live under serious antisocial, deprived or dangerous conditions. They are not just subjected to violence, abuse, and exploitation but also are under a constant threat of survival and well being.

Children in the direst straits include those who have longed protective family are awaiting a hand extended from all of us. This really is our time and high time we took a step towards them.


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Should you feel the need for any assistance and further details, please feel free to reach out to us at:

Ashish Sharma, Chairperson, Duayen Foundation, +91-9990310076


Email id: d[email protected]


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