One Never-Heard-Before, Smart Tip to Land a Big Internship


By Tanuj Kalia

Lots of law students go to conferences and seminars to present papers or just to listen to the speaker.

And then you return.

From now on, I implore you to do something while you are at the conference/seminar.

The idea is simple.

Go to a big shot speaker during snacks/lunch (that will require courage), make a small talk, and tell him/her that you greatly admire(d) his/her books, speech etc. Ask an intelligent question or two.

Only a big jerk will shoo-away an inquisitive law student.

Most of the big-shots will actually be interested in you because you are interested in them.

Here comes the ultra-cool part. Click a photo with him/her.

When you send in your internship application, mention the conference/seminar, mention that you met him/her and (hold your breath) attach the pic in the application.

It makes for such a personal internship application, that if the email is opened, you are granted an internship.

PS- I met Lawctopus’ assistant editor Neeati a few days back (face to face for the first time) and it’s she who told me about this. 

It needn’t be so serious, son!

Note: This post was first published in the year 2019.

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  1. lawctopus is a great portal and has been of immense help in recent years, but guys, for God’s sake, DON’T DO THIS! it shall irritate people to no ends. if you happen to run into someone at an event who may help you later on, there’s nothing wrong in asking him/her politely for an internship or even a recommendation. everyone appreciates honesty and sincerity. if it can work out the person will say yes and it it can’t s/he will also be polite enough to give the student a reason. but ‘taking a snap with him/her’ and then subsequently emotionally blackmailing for an internship just seems corrupt, conniving and manipulative. be honest and sincere, not sly.

    – a senior associate at a desirable law firm and a fan of lawctopus and tanuj for years

    1. Hi, thanks for the good words on Lawctopus and for your comment.

      We are not asking people to be sly. Just that such things which make the application ‘personal’ also makes the applicant ‘stand out’ and thus result in a positive response.

      Lets say your an applying for an ‘IT Law’ internship at some organization. And among other things, you mention this:

      “Sir, you’d given a talk on ABC subject at Consilience 2014 held at NLSIU. I had the opportunity to attend the event and interact with you then…”

      It’s not an emotional blackmail to say this, right? And if a pic attached, what harm does it do?

  2. Sad that these people actually come here to “hate comment” -_- . Come on people it’s her trick why don’t make yours? or shut up the F up -_- .

  3. Not sold: It’s nothing desperate. That’s why Tanuj first mentioned about laying the groundwork, right?

    I landed my first big shot internship exactly like this and haven’t looked back ever since.

      1. don’t know which world you live in, but over here, being desperate is a bad thing, a very bad thing. not to mention, your little ‘trick’ is lame in addition to being desperate. people who are in a position of significance have many sneaking upto them all day. it is not very difficult for them to make out the purpose of a desperate student’s approach. going by your logic, if i happen to meet srk in some ipl match and somehow manage to click a snap with him, i shall end up sharing screen space with him soon after!

  4. Great, now this tip won’t work, as a lot of students will now approach the “big-shots” and irritate them. 😛

  5. that’s some super desperate way to ask for an internship! it was fine till getting oneself introduced, but ‘clicking a photo’, beats Salman Khurshid for sycophancy!


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