One Never-Heard-Before, Smart Tip to Land a Big Internship

By Tanuj Kalia

Lots of law students go to conferences and seminars to present papers or just to listen to the speaker.

And then you return.

From now on, I implore you to do something while you are at the conference/seminar.

The idea is simple.

Go to a big shot speaker during snacks/lunch (that will require courage), make a small talk, and tell him/her that you greatly admire(d) his/her books, speech etc. Ask an intelligent question or two.

Only a big jerk will shoo-away an inquisitive law student.

Most of the big-shots will actually be interested in you because you are interested in them.

Here comes the ultra-cool part. Click a photo with him/her.

When you send in your internship application, mention the conference/seminar, mention that you met him/her and (hold your breath) attach the pic in the application.

It makes for such a personal internship application, that if the email is opened, you are granted an internship.

PS- I met Lawctopus’ assistant editor Neeati a few days back (face to face for the first time) and it’s she who told me about this. 

It needn’t be so serious, son!


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