Internship Experience @ Office of The Lok Ayukta Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow: Expectation differs from reality


Aishwarya Pal

New Law College, BVDU, Pune

BA LLB (5 year course) (2nd Year)

Internship Duration

24th November to 11th December, 2015

About the last internship, which I did in the month of November and December.

Let’s start – what internship really means?

To intern means ”to pass inside something” and when you have an internship, it’s like you’ve temporarily gotten permission to be inside a workplace.

By different internship at different places, we can decide for upcoming years whether we would be comfortable in working in such a environment or not. It can be paid or unpaid.

Why it is important?

Generally, an internship consist of an exchange of services for experience between the student and an organization. Students can also use an internship to determine if they have an interest in a particular career or not, internship creates a network of contacts.

Some intern find permanent paid employment with the organization for which they worked. Beside bookish knowledge, it also helps in getting practical knowledge of a particular field.

This was my third internship,  in the office of the Lokayukta Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow.

It started from 24th November, 2015 and ended on 11th December, 2015.

A small internship but quite well – rounded.

In the month of December, I was having CS exams so I wasn’t sure whether this time I will do the internship or not. But then also after the end of my semester exams I got my recommendation letter signed by my Principal and Dean Dr. Mukund Sarda.

Landed Lucknow from Pune in the month of November. Had a great time with my family and friends. But eventually, it started getting boring. I called one of my college friend and he told me that he is coming Lucknow for internship in Lokayukta.

Honestly, at that time I wasn’t having much knowledge about Lokayukta. So, I googled it and enquired from my father about it. For me, he is better search engine then Google. He told me all the stuffs related to it. It fascinated me alot working in a government office. I was so ecstatic.

I decided I will manage my studies of CS and will definitely not miss this opportunity. Ashish came to know about this internship by Lawctopus only.

I informed about this opportunity to my best friend or rather say my partner in crime Aparna Singh.

She got aflame and was very much willing to do the internship in Government office. From childhood we all have heard how much respectful it is to work for government and how people boast about being a government officer.

My father is highly qualified businessman but he always wanted me and my sister to get a government job rather work in a private companies.

Before Lokayukta, I was intern in Lucknow High Court that fetched me the real court experience, the practicality about working there, how much it is difficult and tiring to work there and how it differs from the impact which cinema and television have created on us.

So was expecting the same experience here also.

The Interview Day

Like a prospective candidate going for his or her interview, I was full of excitement and nervousness, I was dressed up in full formals in blue shirt and black trouser with hair properly tied up and little bit make up on the face, was ready with the documents needed to be submitted i.e. the recommendation letter, cv, application to the Lokayukt and two photographs for internship.

I picked Aparna and we  reached the place on time.

We both entered the office. It was a big, white, glass building. I was totally charged up by seeing the building.

The guard enquired about the reason behind our arrival. We replied for internship purpose. After recording our names, he told us the way to the office of  Madhu ma’am who look after the internship of students.

In her cabin, she made us seated. She asked us to introduce ourselves and about our college then she told us that we can join from tomorrow.

I was amazed to know that it was so easy to get internship in the government office. I was expecting some grilling from her side. Luckily, we got the direct entry.

Next day i.e. our first day of internship, we  both submitted the required documents and photographs. I was very keen in knowing what we are  actually supposed to do here as she had asked on our interview day to bring our laptops daily.

She replied whenever the ”Up Lokayukta Sahab” will be free he will take our classes.

She gave me the schedule of 15 days, according to that on first day there will be session of intro-ducting the program and on second day about the institution of Ombudsman and so on. Looking at that I thought that there will be no wastage of time.

After submission of documents we were made to sit in a room. It was a big room consisting of couches, an air conditioner and a blower. It was quite well furnished and ventilated.

After few minutes Ashish arrived with Harsh (he was also from New Law College) and later many batch mates entered the room.

It was a big surprise for me to see them rather a shock I can say.

All of us were seated with the copy of Lokayukta Act and were asked to read it. In the break time we went out and had a tea from a roadside tea vendor and then we came back. I was eagerly waiting for the introduction session.

Finally we were called up by Up- Lokayukta Mr. S B Singh, he taught us the whole act consisting of 23 sections.

In between he kept on asking the questions from Constitution and mostly it was answered by Ashish, it was looking like that one and one session was going between them and other are just sitting like audiences. It was first and last meeting with him.

He was supposed to give the topic of thesis as told by ma’am which we were supposed to submit at the end of training, so I asked for the topic. He replied ”Model Lokayukta Act”.

After meeting him, we went to our room. When Up- Lokayukta Sir left the office then we were allowed to leave the office i.e. around 4 p.m. Next day, we reached the office at 10:30 am. Between 11 to 12 others also arrived. I was just sitting and reading the act.

Main Task

The main task was to learn about the Institution of Ombudsmen and its origin in the Scandinavian countries.

With each passing day we were doing nothing just sitting. I started carrying my CS books with me for studying in free time. A new boy of HNLU Raipur joined us.

Fortunately, one day we got the chance to meet the Investigating Officer DSP Mr. Siddhart Sir. He told us how this office works.

It deals with the corruption charges against a particular government servant. He further added about the procedure of their working and investigation.

He talked about the loopholes of working of  Uttar Pradesh Lokayukta office like they don’t have raiding power which other states have.

They have to rely on the documents which party submits against the other party. He told us that he likes field work more then working in the air conditioned room.

Lastly, he added how much it is difficult to investigate in India, when it is asked to everyone not to  touch anything where the crime has taken place but due to frequent visit of people, it is difficult to get the correct fingerprints and that makes difficult to catch the culprit and how the job of police has changed.

Now they are more busy in getting people properly lined up in temples so that no chaos occur. It is not the job of police. They are for controlling crimes, they are not for picking up the children of ministers from school or getting the people properly lined up. It was a great experience in interacting with him.

On two more days we met other two Investigating Officers named Mr. Rahul Sir and Mr. Suboth Jaiswal Sir. They also told  the same working procedure. Out of the three Mr. Siddhart was the best. He was very knowledgeable and intellectual, he was very influential and charismatic person.

But the last officer was a typical government officer. He was so much confused with name of our college referring  the college as ”Bharati Vidyamandir”.

In the whole 15 days I did some constructive work. I met these four officers on four different days. Other 11 days was just involved in reading the act, the CS books, watching movies on laptop, taking selfies and preparing the thesis which we were supposed to submit on the last day of training.

After submitting the thesis, I got the certificate which was quite nice and presentable which was not the same case with the High Court certificate.

This internship taught me the whole working of Lokayukta . Honestly I expected alot from this office and it wasn’t fulfilled, I experienced how your expectation differs from reality in case of working of government office.

In short, it was  totally a different experience altogether.

This entry has been submitted for the LexisNexis-Lawctopus Internship Experience Writing Competition 2015-2016. iPleaders is the learning partner for this competition.

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