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Internship Experience @ Oasis Counsel and Advisory, Mumbai: Good Overall Exposure, Stipend of Rs. 2500


Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID


Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Oasis Counsel and Advisory, 1st floor, Udyog Bhavan, Walchand Hirachand Marg, Ballard Estate, Mumbai

Application Process with contact details

I applied to this internship through the regular process of sending in my CV to Mr. Haresh Jagtiani at [email protected]

Most other interns with me, however, got this internship via a contact.

Duration of Internship and timings

November 2, 2016 – November 28, 2016. 4 weeks.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

On my first day, I was introduced to Mr. Haresh Jagtiani and since I was the only new intern for that week, I had the opportunity to have a long, one-on-one conversation.

Sir is a great person to talk to, and most of the associates and associate partners are equally warm.

As the court was shut during my first week, the tasks I had to complete were a lot less demanding. It got slightly dull, too, when there was barely any work to do.

The office is fairly spacious. The intern room is a little cramped but one can always go sit in the small conference room to work. No distractions there.

Main tasks

The work I got to do at this internship was brilliant. They trust you with work enough and also keep an eye on the work you’re doing so they can correct you.

The associates are approachable and don’t shy away from helping you out if you’re stuck with some research or drafting work.

Although it’s a full service firm, the kind of work that I was assigned was mainly commercial litigation and arbitration.

They do excellent lit and arbitration work. I got to do a lot of extensive research and drafting work, too.

They deal with matters in all Courts, almost. So, Court exposure is good, too.

Interns may get assigned work from the Corporate division, as well.

Work environment and people

The work environment is good. As in most places, there are some things that need to be handled with care, and as long as one is careful about the work they give in, they need not worry.

The paralegals and the associates are all great to work with, eager to help, and do great work themselves.

Best things

One of the best things about this internship, was the extent of work I got to do. If you hand in decent work consistently; and by that I mean even 2-3 times in a row, there is an implicit understanding formed, and by virtue of that, you may get to do some excellent work.

The incentive game is pretty strong at this place. If you do good work, they reward you in some or the other way.

Either by following up said work with even better assignments, or by literal rewards. In the form of food, etc.

Bad things

The only bad thing about the place is the amount of politics that – even though it’s only a fraction of people who engage in it, becomes taxing on you when they involve even the interns in it.


Rs. 2500/-

Biggest Lessons

There are two –

1. Good work WILL be rewarded. Treat the case as though you are going to be the one appearing, and extensive research pays off.

2. Developing a thick skin goes a LONG way.

Any Other Thing

Note that the amount of stipend is performance based. They usually pay interns Rs. 1500 per month, and increase it to Rs. 2500 based on performance.


I am a localite, so accommodation was not a problem.

YWCA, YMCA and other PGs are always an option.

Office Timings

The official timings are 10.30 am – 7 pm. However, of course, one will have to stay back till 8-8.30 minimum, if there is some urgent work to be done.

Timings aren’t relaxed as such because the work itself never gets done before 7-7.30 on regular Court days.

On the days Court has vacation, one can leave early. Of course, if one has to be someplace urgently, the associates are mostly quite alright with leaving early; or coming in late, for that matter.

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