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O the Bar, Please No Bar – A Poem on New Rules for Lower Judiciary

O the ‘Bar’, please no bar

Dressed up in black and white,
All set to tell wrong or right;
But, the Bar intends to put a bizarre bar,
Proposed to throw new clay into a reservoir.

Felt like the heart is sinking,
And definitely cherished dreams are twinkling,
Thoughts appear incredibly quaint,
But all are apparently very faint.

Not at all, it isn’t judicious,
Life is at stake, not just 3 years.
Learning research, moot, discussion and debate,
Already put in a half-decade!

If competent enough to defend a client,
If capable enough to ace assessment,
If ready to undergo Academy training,
Then, the proposed cure seems worse than the disease.

Hurled at us piles of allegations,
Impolite and incompetent in handling matters;
But, nobody questions, training defects and inefficient rules,
As the dictum goes, a bad workman always blames his tools!

Don’t engage in merch leaving us in the lurch,
Revamp legal education and training institutions.
A journey from college to Bench or from Bar to Bench,
Let it be, all set free.

Surely, certain facts need not be proved,
Eager to strive, ready to be improved;
To learn anything, prepare for even a trial by fire,
But, won’t bear 3 years of exile…

This poem is written in the backdrop of the proposed rule of mandatory 3 years of experience at the bar as a prerequisite for appearing in exams to lower judiciary. It is written by Mr. Masoom Reza, a 4th year law student at Jamia Millia Islamia, who can be reached out here.

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