I am one of those students who top the list from below. I am a student of NUSRL Ranchi.

I am writing this letter (more of a “Thank you” note or “Letter of Gratitude”) from the bottom of my heart to thank our Hon’ ble Chief Minister and our Hon’ ble Chancellor (Chief Justice of the Jharkhand High Court).

First of all I want to genuinely thank the government of Jharkhand (not only the present government, but past government also) for giving us “भरोसे” at all instances.

We are also overwhelmed with the funding (so called sufficient) provided to our University, which was so fulfilling in nature that we couldn’t even call recruiters from outside because of the heavy allowances and hefty airfares to call them.

Our heart speaks volumes about our gratitude when in the excruciating summers, we don’t get cold water.

We also want to congratulate you for your contributions that we are the most expensive National Law School in India. The majority of students who are dependent on education loan are indebted to you.

The maids (or as we call them DIDI’S) are also very much thankful. They spend 9AM to 7PM working in harsh circumstances for the University at a whopping salary package of Rs 3,500 per month (what more could they expect).

Our University don’ t have sufficient funds to induct them into fourth grade pay scale norms. The standards are even less than MNREGA.

Students also praise you very much in these pleasant times, when roads which eventually get so muddy and full of bumps in the rains that expressways would fall short of the said standards of the University roads.

We planned to open up a Mediation Centre in nearby village, but couldn’t do so for lack of funds.

Thanks to the frequent power cuts which make the evenings all the more beautiful and we enjoy candle light dinners too.

And how did I forget, the generators in our University run on diesel which does not put a burden on the public exchequer but the cost of which is very dear to our University (and why not, fourteen hours of generator removes air pollution too).

The Central Public Works Department (official contractor for developing the University campus) was filled with gratitude that it had to leave the work midway (hostels left incomplete) because of delay in payments and lack of funds from the University.

We are also thankful to you that we aren’t in a position to invite guest faculties or judges from the Supreme Court and High Courts because inviting them involves airfares and expenses.

We are also obliged to the High Court of Jharkhand for helping us in recruitment that our list of faculty lacks Associate Professor or Professor of repute and no full fledged Registrar has been appointed (efficient, energetic and productive) since the inception of the University.

I am thankful to the visionaries and the founding fathers of this University (the names of whom are better to stand undisclosed) for leading this university through the cliff.

In this letter, I am not going to thank my University administration; but hopefully not late than never, that time shall also come.

With all my humility, I apologize for any inconvenience caused to everyone who may or may not read this letter (it concerns the future of National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi).

At last I just want to say that “अच्छे दिन ऐसे ही नहीं आएंगे अच्छे दिन लाने पड़ते हैं”.

If there are any mistakes in this letter kindly pay no attention to them (law shall be determined by the spirit and not by the words).

I never wrote a Letter to The Chief Minister or Chancellor before and do not know how to look forward to this conversation.

Eshan Pandit,

5th year student, NUSRL Ranchi.

Editor’s note: Do also read a piece published in The Pioneer on October 25, 2013 titled ‘NUSRL in a messy state of affairs‘. It seems the situation hasn’t changed ever since.

Also read: 8 Reasons Why You Should Join NUSRL Ranchi.

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  1. At least Mr Pandit has given a bold start. How many times have the students collectively approached the PM, education minister, local MP, CM, CJI to update them on the shameful state of affairs and exert pressure to expedite the sanction for infrastructure and faculty. How long should the stalemate last?
    All of you at NUSRL wake up and assert your right to a better future as promised.
    Approach the high court which is in your city

  2. I recently got the opportunity to visit NUSRL. On the outset of my comment I must clarify that my observations are purely based upon my visit and stay which lasted only for a few days. Therefore, I may not know the real story but I can certainly write an independently and authentically.
    It is true that NUSRL lacks infrastructure. Leave buildings, the campus lacks the most basic thing and that is roads. The roads actually makes you believe that you are in Jharkhand which was once part of Bihar and hence looking for roads is not a fruitful exercise. During rain you can’t locate the road, perhaps you can’t do it without the rain as well.
    The water crisis referred by Mr. Pandit may be true if he is referring to bath water. I didn’t find much difficulty in getting cold water but indeed, finding water in a temperature suitable for bath was a problem.
    The mess food was okish. However, I really find it awkward in entering the mess hall through kitchen. Perhaps, you guys are still in the construction phase or the only so called pathway (path not road) available from the hostels to the mess hall was through the kitchen.
    I don’t find much ground in the accusation made that Judges from Supreme Court can’t be invited in the campus. I myself came across dignitaries from Supreme Court. Therefore, I find it totally baseless. Although such invites may be a case of once in a blue moon.
    I find merit in the lack of quality in the teaching staff. Not only the teaching staff but the Vice-Chancellor also lacks charisma. With all due respect, he appeared more to be a caretaker VC rather than being an actual one. However, finding quality teachers is the biggest challenge for the new law schools. The BCI has mandated that only an LLM holder can teach. We all know that, for masters, meritorious students prefer foreign law universities. A few of them return back and join small or new law schools. Rather, they prefer joining private law schools situated in metropolitan cities. The students taking LLM from India lacks such merit and are mostly traditional university trained graduates. Therefore, they don’t find themselves on tone with the attitude a national law school teacher should posses. Henceforth, a hue and cry over teachers is something which is faced by every other college.
    Placements may or may not be good. But, we must accept the reality. New colleges will take their time in procuring placements. One may not be able to receive an offer while in law school but can surely receive one after it. I also belong to a new law school. Placements at our place are also not such that we can be proud about. Frankly speaking, jobs are available in LPOs but not everyone is willing to take it. Alumni of my college were empty handed as well. But within six months of their graduation, all them found suitable places. Currently we have people in all law firms, from Khaitan & Co. to Luthra and Luthra to NDA to places like JP Morgen, PWC etc. Its just matter of time.
    At the end I just want to give a piece of advice to my learned friends of NUSRL. It is not bricks or stones or great faculties or facilities which makes a University, it is the students, their hardwork, their calibre, their brilliance and attitude which makes a University. Keep working hard. No matter what your administration is doing or not doing, their always a way out.

  3. I would be very happy if I get to write a letter, titled TO WHOEVER IT MAY CONCERN. The first and the foremost thing which I was taught in a law school was not to believe anyone and everyone, you need to depend on a competent legitimate authority. And here we have Mr. Eshaan Pandit Sir. The senior who was never an active member of any committee (lest, the Mess Committee, of course- he owned it you losers.). The senior who till date has never spoken any single word of substance. The senior who failed to contribute anything towards the development of the university. No Moots, No Paper Presentations, No Parliamentary Debates, in-fact nothing significant (But yes, how can we not accredit him of writing an almost 700-words long letter- KUDOS!) He was the senior in college, who was actually known for nothing at all. Today, he will tell us about NUSRL.

    Here we have him today, speaking of the college. Yes NUSRL does have infrastructural glitches. We will not provide you with world-class-gym-facilities or open amphitheaters. If I say you will face no difficulties and life will be a rainbow ride, I would be grossly wrong. You will have difficulties, but then that is what will make you stronger. However, Mr. Eshaan Pandit Sir fails to point this out. I do not see any frequent power-cuts in the university, even if at times the power goes off, we have ample generator facilities- and it is only a matter of the time taken by the care-taker to go and switch it on. And yes the air-pollution concern. Design a generator for the university which eliminates air pollution and enriches the environment instead. Who could have better skills. Please?

    And sir, to bring to your notice- we could call recruiters. We did call recruiters. The founding batch has had placements from Induslaw Luthra & Luthra Law offices(corp), Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, Tata Steel etc. In-spite of the lack of whatever ache-din crap you are dramatizing, when you were busy doing so, a respected senior in your own batch managed to get a PPO from Luthra and Luthra with a whooping package of 14 lac rupees. It is just that your extra-capabilities of handling and designing the mess-menu did not appeal much to the recruiters.

    We do not get cold water. Well, well, this is where I lost the last inch of respect left for you! When did you not get cold water? I get cold water all-the-time. In the mess, in the hostel, in the academic bloc- everywhere. Recently, the university bought new water coolers as well. Sir, there is a reason why you are not placed today, maybe because of your weak argumentation skills. NUSRL pleads guilty of not able to hone your skills. ( you never had any, probably)

    All issues are collectively, very well handled in the university. Problems exist. Agreed. Assholes like you exist. Agreed but we still have managed to achieve a lot in the past two semesters. Various inter and intra fests and competitions have been organised. Intra- college Parliamentary Debate competition, Vidhitva- The Literary Fest, Gully Cricket Competetions, HIV AIDS Marathon, Jashn-e-Diwali- The Diwali Night, Satrangi- The Holi Fest, Bachpan-Children’s Day charity event, National Trial Advocacy Competition (NTAC-15), Kalatava- IPR Day Celebration, National Legal Aid Fest (NLAF-15), around 3seminars on various themes, Plantation Drives, NUSRL Premier League, NUSRL Football Premier League and what not. Also not to forget NUSRL was the only NLU (on-the-records) to extend its held to Nepal Victims. The members of HRIDAY (Human Rights Advocacy Cell) personally went to Nepal to extend help on the behalf of the University.

    The students have won in a number of national moot court competitions. The last two semesters have witnessed back-to-back news about students of our university acing in moot court competitions.

    You know what is our biggest failure Mr. Eshaan Pandit Sir? You. NUSRL would rather apologize for attaching its name with people like YOU and also be glad that you are leaving. Fare Thee Well!

    Hence I appeal to everyone to not go by such letters, rather make a detailed inquiry from a proper sources before forming a perception. We do have problems in the university, but the solutions also lie here and we are glad to be the torch bearers to find the solution and put them in place.


    • I don’t know what Mr Eshan has said is right or wrong. But such sort of personal attack on him seem grossly inappropriate.

    • NUSRL-ite,
      Whosoever you are. Let me inform you Mr. Pandit has presented papers, and even was a winner in one of them ( Think India Submit I guess)- Please clear your facts.
      About the water coolers- as you yourself are saying was installed recently, It was installed a few days after this letter- Please clear your facts or you will be the next unplaced guy.
      Assholes like you exist. Agreed. As people like you don’t want to accept the reality.
      Atleast he owned the mess committee, what do you own, ARSE. And you will be the Judge of his failures? Who are you, Queen Victoria OR PM of India?
      Stop making personal remarks on someone just because you are in disguise and have the privilege of being anonymous so you can say whatsoever filthy words you want to.
      – A second year.

  4. Within 15 days we would provide all the stats. Secondly I dont think a law school should be judged by the availability of cold water. (Btw 5 water coolers just arrived yesterday that were processed for 2 months ago adding to the four water coolers already existing). And dont judge by hearsay evidence. Yes, we have fund issues but can you name which NLU never had one. (Exception RMLNLU and NLU D). We are doing well in spite of all these handcuffs as you may term them, and I promise you we will do better. A happy NUSRLITE.

  5. A letter of baseless criticism from a frustrated student who drunk, smoked nd sang his way through college while his batch mates worked decently nd ended up with jobs. Adios Mr pandit- goodbye to u nd good riddance

    • Thank you for your kind words sir, what do you know about me i left many offers on their face ask placement committee, so if you don’t know anything about it be silent about it.

  6. I don’t wanna say or disclose name but one of my friends even told me to take part in the NUSRL PIL drafting competition and all things would be set/fixed and I could easily win. Such level of competitions are held at NUSRL Ranchi.

  7. The first batch(38 students) of the University had decent placements at top tier corporate law firms and companies..with students making it to Induslaw Luthra & Luthra Law offices(corp), Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, Tata Steel etc..a student has also secured admission at a top University in Australia…

    • Dissent is the higher form of patriotism.

      And you don’t need to look far. The HNLU student protest of 2009 made sure that the University gained lost ground (though after a couple of years when it actually went down).

      Such ‘inside’ muck needs to come out so that admins do take note. (Internal dialogues should be the obvious first step but am sure they’ve failed miserably in this case.)

      • This was enough to show your attitude. When one of the student talked about the placement stats, you retorted back with all the force questioning the authenticity of the claim made.
        But, at the other hand you are portraying as if the above posted letter is true representation of the muck pilling up in the University.

        • bhai, This is his job. Humne isko hits dekar bada kiya and ye… Ye aaj bagawat kar raha hai!

          Band karo ye atyachaar!!

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