Student’s Letter to NUSRL Ranchi Bemoans Lack of Recruiters, Faculty, Roads, Water, Electricity and (nearly) Everything Else!

I am one of those students who top the list from below. I am a student of NUSRL Ranchi.

I am writing this letter (more of a “Thank you” note or “Letter of Gratitude”) from the bottom of my heart to thank our Hon’ ble Chief Minister and our Hon’ ble Chancellor (Chief Justice of the Jharkhand High Court).

First of all I want to genuinely thank the government of Jharkhand (not only the present government, but past government also) for giving us “भरोसे” at all instances.

We are also overwhelmed with the funding (so called sufficient) provided to our University, which was so fulfilling in nature that we couldn’t even call recruiters from outside because of the heavy allowances and hefty airfares to call them.

Our heart speaks volumes about our gratitude when in the excruciating summers, we don’t get cold water.

We also want to congratulate you for your contributions that we are the most expensive National Law School in India. The majority of students who are dependent on education loan are indebted to you.

The maids (or as we call them DIDI’S) are also very much thankful. They spend 9AM to 7PM working in harsh circumstances for the University at a whopping salary package of Rs 3,500 per month (what more could they expect).

Our University don’ t have sufficient funds to induct them into fourth grade pay scale norms. The standards are even less than MNREGA.

Students also praise you very much in these pleasant times, when roads which eventually get so muddy and full of bumps in the rains that expressways would fall short of the said standards of the University roads.

We planned to open up a Mediation Centre in nearby village, but couldn’t do so for lack of funds.

Thanks to the frequent power cuts which make the evenings all the more beautiful and we enjoy candle light dinners too.

And how did I forget, the generators in our University run on diesel which does not put a burden on the public exchequer but the cost of which is very dear to our University (and why not, fourteen hours of generator removes air pollution too).

The Central Public Works Department (official contractor for developing the University campus) was filled with gratitude that it had to leave the work midway (hostels left incomplete) because of delay in payments and lack of funds from the University.

We are also thankful to you that we aren’t in a position to invite guest faculties or judges from the Supreme Court and High Courts because inviting them involves airfares and expenses.

We are also obliged to the High Court of Jharkhand for helping us in recruitment that our list of faculty lacks Associate Professor or Professor of repute and no full fledged Registrar has been appointed (efficient, energetic and productive) since the inception of the University.

I am thankful to the visionaries and the founding fathers of this University (the names of whom are better to stand undisclosed) for leading this university through the cliff.

In this letter, I am not going to thank my University administration; but hopefully not late than never, that time shall also come.

With all my humility, I apologize for any inconvenience caused to everyone who may or may not read this letter (it concerns the future of National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi).

At last I just want to say that “अच्छे दिन ऐसे ही नहीं आएंगे अच्छे दिन लाने पड़ते हैं”.

If there are any mistakes in this letter kindly pay no attention to them (law shall be determined by the spirit and not by the words).

I never wrote a Letter to The Chief Minister or Chancellor before and do not know how to look forward to this conversation.

Eshan Pandit,

5th year student, NUSRL Ranchi.

Editor’s note: Do also read a piece published in The Pioneer on October 25, 2013 titled ‘NUSRL in a messy state of affairs‘. It seems the situation hasn’t changed ever since.

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