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NUSRL Ranchi: 8 Reasons Why You Should Join the Law School

Call for Papers: NUSRL Law Review

Ah! Finally the time has come to make up your mind and take some decisions for your career.

Here is aninsight of what NUSRL, Ranchi has to offer to its students. The sole purpose of this article is to make the law aspirants aware of what NUSRL is.  

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1. Comprehensive Course Curriculum

The academic pattern of NUSRL Ranchi is rather an extensive one and the curriculum is comprehensive as well as balanced. Compulsory mooting is the biggest advantage or the NUSRLITES, that means, once you take admission, you start mooting from the 1st semester itself.

With 5 CAT (Continuous Assessment¬†Tests) per subject, Mid-Semesters and End-Semesters, one just does’t have the¬†luxury of letting time wither away.

The curriculum is divided and formed in a way that in the initial years there is more focus on arts subjects whereas in the latter years the attention is on legal subjects.

2. Student Friendly Faculty

The student-teacher ratio in the university is around 1:12 that means 1 teacher for every 12 students, better than most of the NLUs.

Majority of the faculty of the university is young and come from professional universities of national repute, the result of which is better understanding between the faculty and the students.

The faculty’s target has always been dedicated for excellence of¬†students in all spheres whether it, be academics or mooting, this is quite¬†visible by their untiring efforts which are not limited by restraints of time or their accessibility.

3. NUSRL Ranchi to move into its new campus

NUSRL, Ranchi is to move into its new sprawling 63.76 Acres campus this year. The new campus will be the second largest national law university in India.

The campus has been established amidst famous and prestigious institutions like Central Institute of Psychiatry, Birsa Agricultural University, Ranchi Institute of Neuro-Psychiatry & Allied Sciences and also IIM Ranchi.

Placed in a quiet and calm environment, the campus¬†provides with an ambience adequate for the purpose of learning far from the city’s hustle-bustle but also not far from the facilities, being situated 7 kms¬†from the main city, it has a perfect location.

4. Extra-Curricular  Activities

NUSRL has an environment of sports and fests to say the least. We have various intra-university sports fests participated by the students and faculties.

Further, a MUN is in the checklist for the next semester, followed by an¬†inter-college sports fest, and a National moot court competition. And the best¬†news is that it doesn’t stop here.

What adds more to this is the monthly food fest which technically means a feast of food with music and loads of dancing and loads & loads of fun which often has a DJ to itself.

5. National and International Collaborations

The University collaborates with international as well as national organisations. The university is currently working with the World Bank on planning a fund for land acquisition.

The University in the past has collaborated with various national agencies of the legal industry.

The University in its future plans to collaborate with UNICEF for protection of Tribal Rights.

ALSO READ: Student’s Letter to NUSRL Ranchi Bemoans Lack of Recruiters, Faculty, Roads, Water, Electricity and (nearly) Everything Else!  [May 26, 2015]
NUSRL students recent launched a massive protest. Read here. [April 10, 2017]


nusrl ranchi

6. A Promising University

NUSRL being established in 2010 is a relatively new NLU in the line of other universities, this being the reason for our low rank.

But with the constant endeavour of its students, the university further continues to rise when it comes to imparting legal education.

7. The NUSRL Ranchi Library

The University though has some infrastructural clutches (which will be solved in the upcoming academic year, i.e. 2014 since the university will shift to its permanent campus at Nagri) but it houses some of the best books covering almost all subjects of law and other subjects of social sciences.

The University also houses a wide variety of Law Journals which in turn make the students aware of all the various contemporary issues in the realm of legal advancement.

The University has subscriptions to most of the leading online databases like Manupatra, Jstor, Lexis Nexis and Westlaw which in turn helps student to enhance their research skills.

8. The City of Ranchi

Ranchi which is also known as the City of Waterfalls boasts of more than 20 waterfalls near the city. Ranchi has so much to offer than  a person can imagine.

The weather and the hilly type topography are quite similar to any other exotic place, the only difference being, that it is totally an unexplored place. Come here and see it yourself. Loving the place will follow.     

Therefore to sum it up, come to¬†NUSRL and I believe you won’t regret.

ALSO READ: Student’s Letter to NUSRL Ranchi Bemoans Lack of Recruiters, Faculty, Roads, Water, Electricity and (nearly) Everything Else! [May 26, 2015]
NUSRL students recent launched a massive protest. Read here.  [April 10, 2017]


Note: This is a reader’s blog and published on an ‘as is’ basis. The blog has been written by a student¬†and such blogs tend to be biased in favour of the University.

Disclaimer: We try to ensure that the information we post on Lawctopus is accurate. However, despite our best efforts, some of the content may contain errors. You can trust us, but please conduct your own checks too.


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  1. It surprises me to note how the past and present students of the NLUs argue to establish that they are studying in a better university compared to the other .To me all the NLUs are excellent given the fact that all these NLUs enroll students who have done well in the CLAT.CLAT is one of the toughest examinations in India and just because one candidate has scored say 10 markes extra and got into say NALSAR and another scores 10 marks less and got into say RGNLU,the student in NALSAR is a superior person knowledge or intelligence wise.I am aware that there can be several aspirants scoring same marks even though they have been placed 20 ranks apart due to various reasons.This childish fights are not seen among the IITians.Please stop this immature arguments and rather if you think that one NLU is not doing so well ensure that this so called low ranking university is pulled up and not allowed to sink.Make a NLU brand name by making a joint effort and many years later I am sure you all will agree to what I am saying today.

  2. can anyone give me the actual feedback of nusrl as a college?? does it have a bright prospect in the coming 5 years? i dont care about the food and shit..all i wanna know is the college worth goin for in terms of academics n development?

    1. with all due respect, it could be NUSRL Ranchi … if it is indeed true about them shifting to their new campus any time soon, then the condition would improve.
      so, if i had a choice, i would go for NUSRL..

  3. let the favored proclivities fall apart, all the above mentioned “ostentatiously good looking points” are faux. the striking reality in fact is that in such a painstaking schedule, one would be happily craving for the gallows . if one wants to hone your memorizing skill then the place blissfully welcomes you but if you are the one intelligence seeker, then dont. oft- seen instances here include bickering even for the iota amount of marks, gentry totally inabsentia, civilized culture at bay, and lastly the frustrated budding conglomerates. – Directly from the Horse’s Mouth (student of a damned institution)

    1. I share your thoughts. Let the truth surface. Biased approach, as is evident from the article won’t take us anywhere. To all the prospective students I would like to say, BEWARE !!

    2. Hahahaha student of the damned university…how easily you have admitted yourself a loser for all I know as being a student of the university myself ,no university is created overnight, sure there are some like NLUD which has better support on all fronts, but we NUSRLites (can’t say about yourself) believe that no crybaby can survive in a university such as ours because while it is very apparently easy for guys like yourself to stay out of the system and toss allegations here and there, it is much more challenging and fulfilling to actually work in different fields to established what had never been granted to us because we are apparently not worth government’s time and money.
      Yes though I have been selected in CLAT by chance and actually had never intended to join any law school because of my interest for science, I can certainly say that being in this soo call damned university is the best thing that had ever happened to me. The same faculty which you are marginalizing for less in standard had been successful in filling the legal vacuum which existed in my mind, yes a little effort had to be put here and there for this but surely you don’t seriously expect someone to mouth feed things to you in any law universities having reputation as being national.
      As for compulsory mooting and all, the same had been suggested by our ex VC with all good intentions ,with the view of making each and every student a bit more advocate than others. we find it quiet helpful, provided you remain sincere towards the same. Such sincerity has certainly resulted in us being in much more better place in terms of advocating, court’s etiquette and much more important in researching. As for the support for mooters ,the university’s association had been trying really hard for all it could do for the students and with the things ongoing on now ,it is no doubt NUSRL will surely be a name along sides the likes of NLSIU, NALSAR etc in all moot court competitions.
      And regarding mess food . I never heard of any Government University with good food and all and believe me I had been to many universities for moot court competitions and other events. Being outside from your home there are some adjustment you have to make as you cannot expect that your’s mother hand cooked food will be made available to you.
      As for the campus, we will be shifting for sure in this academic year and such would remove many discrepancies in terms of funds we receive, as for now most of the fund acquired by the university is going towards payment of rent for Sahara Vihar, Khel gaon apartments( yes the place where you actually claim to luxuriously reside while writing the comment) and the main academic building in BIT polytechnic campus. It is infact a huge achievement on students front that despite such problems , we at NUSRL had never taken a no for any social event such as food fests, seminars, colloquium etc.
      Lastly Mr, whoever you are not a whole sole representative of the university and we need not to take any such thing from you. Please if you cannot make anything, kindly don’t try to break it and kindly do educate yourself on how universities had initially worked whether it be NLSIU which had zero session in its initial years or HNLU which had run from the State Government’s building in its former years and much more.
      We at NUSRL formed a family so please do maintain its integrity and keep your personal grudges aside and seriously introspect for the so called eye opening comments you have been posting and give them a serious thought. Whether such are the disappointments you are facing with yourself or they are they all university’s fault.
      All hail NUSRL, a proud emerging university with bright future.

  4. Law Spirants, if you are unable to decide whether to join or not NUSRL-Ranchi. Let Me Share My two year experience of NUSRL- Ranchi. I (Harshavardhan Yadav, contact no: 9407500399) was the LL.M student of NUSRL joined in 2012 and passed out in 2014 March.
    The above stated 8 Reason on are Hollow & far-flung from Reality. Indeed, Reality is more Horrific.
    1. Very High Fee as compared to other National Law University, and Services rendered by University is pathetic.

    2. Total 28 teaching staff in University (for detail please visit out of which only 5 faculty are seem to be dynamic and really worth, 10 are teaching assistant and conducting classes as a principal faculty (Some of which even non-NET or Ph.D. it is noticeable point that as per University Grand Commission Regulation a teaching staff must be either NET or PhD). Further, it is pertinent to note that University does not having even single Professor (Except V.C), and Associate Professor. Hence one can easily deduced the inference of quality education imparted by staff.

    3. Compulsory mooting is a myth and of no use because it is mere a formality. Further, if students took part in mooting competition very less support tendered by the University.

    4. Mess Food …..ohhhh GOD….its below standard …horrific…pathetic …Zehar …. and what not…

    5. Moving into new campus …….but the lot of construction is underway (Tussle for Fund with Government is still continued) …..Further, Hostel facility, probable only for senior batch sifted in New Campus, remain students continue to stay at the Sahara Vihar and Khel Gaon hostel in which NEW STUDENT specially boy‚Äôs will be accommodated in Room that are very pathetic.

    6. Internet Facility is very poor; one has to keep his/her own arrangements.

    7. Funds for Extra-Curricular Activities are a big problem. Authorities hardly sanction the Funds…..Entirely student collection which make possible to organize few Activities.

    8. National and International Collaborations ….now what to say about this (Please check the University Web and find out yourself that how may Collaborations actually did by the University So far.)

    Thank You.

    1. Really? Was Rml food better?

      Did you not hear of the tie ups we have has already for Student Exchange Programme?

      I download series of shows overnight by hostel wi-fi only.

      Tell me one NLU where they don’t look for sponsors and all the events are funded by the university?

      Kindly go to Sahara Vihar and read the notice which states that ALL of the students are shifting.

      Three can be arguments against and for compulsory mooting. Don’t project it like it is a total negative thing. Seriously.

      Lastly, don’t forget on what recommendation you are going to Stanford. The quality of your arguments makes me doubt the credentials of your previous degree.

      If you were expecting us to become NLSIU in four years in a State like Ranchi then I’m happy you are leaving. Thanks!

      1. Does NUSRL has the competence of being in the elite NLUs in the coming 3-4 years?? Can you send me your fb id I want to clear some of my doubts regarding NUSRL.

  5. Poor nusrlite. I will pray for you dear. Sirf aapka hi future bleak hai ūüėõ

    1. There’s no need to pray for me. Pray for the university and pray that the myth you have stated above becomes true. Magic, maybe?
      The prospective students should be acquainted with the ground reality rather than believing on posts like above which looks surreal, is fake and false. Sure, we are giving competition to Nlsiu, aren’t we?

  6. biased? ūüėõ
    Ofcourse, it is biased. We love our university, but that doesn’t mean that it is wrong information or information which is factually incorrect.
    All our claims are 100% true. B|

    1. Cheers! The article gets full points in the self praise section. We need optimistic people like you.

      1. I have studied here and have found majority of the students without any ambition in life. There are those few exceptions, but as they are amongst such mediocrity, their futures will obviously hold no good for them. In short, the place is an insult to legal education. Kindly stay away from it. Try for CLAT again or go to any of the reputed private colleges, who can spend tons of money on better faculty and better infrastructure. Don’t get swayed by the tag of a NLU. Those ideologies are things of the past. Today we live in a globalised world where earlier IIT’s were considered the only choice for engineering, today the private engineering colleges like BITS, RVCE and Manipal are giving them a run for their money. Some of the best law schools in the world are private law schools like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc. Need I say any more? Be smart. Make the right choice by yourself. And live with ur choice. And lastly don’t make ur choice by what others say on forums like this. Use ur own brains, utilise the opinions given here and come to your own conclusion. All the best ūüôā

  7. You can check the starts if you are questioning the truthfulness of the article.

    Also tell me if NUJS was in a better place in its inception years.

  8. What does he mean by “such blogs tend to be biased in favour of the University”?

    I don’t see any biasness here.

    1. @random reader Though I am almost sure that you are a student of nusrl already but if you’re not then try to speak to the people there, see how many will give you a positive feedback.

  9. Being a student myself, i am aware of the depressing state of affairs in the university. The future looks bleak as of now. kindly be a little less biased for god’s sake.

    1. i wanna know how nusrl is as a college. Does it have a bright prospect in the coming 4-5 years??i dont care about the food and stuff,all i wanna know is that if is it worth going for in terms of academics and developments.

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