The Literary and Debating Society of NUJS, Kolkata is organising a 4 Day Writing Workshop from 19th November to 22nd November in the NUJS Campus.

The Workshop will include Lectures, Readings, Workshops and Tutorials.

Lectures shall be delivered on “How to get Published”, “Publish or Perish”, “Getting Published when everyone thinks He or She is a writer”. Each Class will end with a reading from the author, guest authors and students.

Creative Writing Competition shall also be organised as a park of this Workshop.


Applications world wide should send 1500-word sample of their writing and a CV to Susan Yearwood at

Course Fee

Rs. 4,900/- which EXCLUDES accommodation. Limited seats available!

Contact Support

For more Information, call +91-9863472784 / +91-9774505125

For Registration, drop in an email at

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