NUJS Students Turn RTI Activists : Tender, UGC Documents Indicate Serious Administrative and Financial Discrepancies


I write this to clear the events taking place in NUJS against the registrar.

I do so cause of a really poorly worded article (link) which has been published recently on Legally India.

After a lot of effort by the SJA, the Registrar and the VC finally agreed to a meeting with the students of the college.

A little before the meeting, through anonymous sources, we had procured two documents: One of a tender and the other UGC grant details.

There were serious discrepanicies in both of them.

NUJS Registrar Dr. Surajit C Mukhopadhyay

The tender paper:

1. There were two submissions instead of required three. (This reason was given to us as to why the installation of proper drinking water was delayed. It did not apply in this case.)

2. Out of the people who submitted the proposal, one of them is already working on our library.

3. Of the two submission, one was double of the other.

4. The proposal which was accepted was almost 2.5 times the market cost.

5. The prices of certain items were inflated. Chairs were bought for 11K which we found available at the same dealer for 2.5-3K. 48K was spent on a light available for 12K.

The UGC grant details:

1. A grant of 50 Lakhs which was allotted for sports was never utilised yet a utilisation certificate was issued by the Registrar for further grants.

2. Funds for expansion of the girls hostel was again never used and a utilisation certificated was issued by the Registrar for additional grants.

In the meeting, the registrar was asked as to where these funds went. He kept deflecting. He blamed the VC and denied any responsibility. He claimed that the funds were spent for collaboration with Sports Authority of India while no such arrangement exists.

It is unimaginable how the head of the committee, with technical help, could not notice such blatant anomalies in the tender paper and the utilisation certificates.

Keeping these issues in mind, the student body passed a resolution demanding the resignation.

This post is just to state clearly the turn of events and nothing more.

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